Meet our support staff.

Our friendly, efficient, helpful, and often wacky staff are the unsung heroes of our day-to-day survival. From scheduling ambulatory visits and surgeries, to billing, to planning and handling the setup and clean-up of all of our community events, we’d be toast without them.

Chelsey | Office Manager

Debbie | Accounts Receivable

Jill | Front Desk

Jillian | Pharmacy Manager

Judi | HR & Accounts Payable

Mariah | Front Desk

Miranda | Front Desk

Penny | Pharmacy Tech

Wendy | Pharmacy Tech

Whitney | Front Desk

Gilbert | Facilities

Jimmy | Facilities

Junior | Facilities

Luis | Facilities Manager

We LOVE our Vet Techs.

The proverbial wind beneath our doctors’ wings, our vet techs keep our procedures running smooth by setting up equipment, assisting doctors during procedures, running lab tests, and handling many other routine and extremely necessary tasks… and they do it all with the greatest of care for their patients.

Anna | Vet Tech

Cassandra | Surgical Tech

Diane | Vet Tech

Emily | Vet Tech

Ghnami | Vet Tech

Hannah | Vet Tech

Jessica | Vet Tech

Kaitlynn | Vet Tech

Karen | Vet Tech

Kristin | Vet Tech

Leslie | Sr. Vet Tech

Liz | Vet Tech

Lorri | Lab Tech

Maureen | Vet Tech

Meagan | Vet Tech

Melissa | Vet Tech

Paul | Vet Tech

Teri | Vet Tech

Tiffany | Vet Tech