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Dustin Major



Dr. Major is originally from South Carolina where he attended Wofford College, a small liberal arts college. Not knowing at that time what he wanted to do as a career long term, he chose to major in International Business and Spanish…


As a part of his choice in majors, he studied abroad in Chile for about 6 months during his junior year. During this time he had the opportunity to ride a horse, while traveling in Patagonia, which would change his career goals in the year to come.

The summer after this experience he worked on a guest ranch called the A Bar A Ranch in southeastern Wyoming where he spent most all of his time, every day, around the horses. He returned to the A Bar A the summer after his senior year as a Wrangler, and was one of only 6 or 7 people taking care of 130 horses, as well as taking guests on trail rides, etc. It was sort of a horsemanship boot camp. That was the first time he was able to see an equine vet in action. In his words, “his mind was blown”! After that season ended, he moved to Charleston, SC where he eventually ended up managing a boarding and lesson stable that did trail rides and eventing. Part of his responsibilities was to manage the health care of ~40 horses on the facility, so he got to work with the vet a lot. The more time he spent with those equine vets, the more interested he became. One day he was telling his dad about a laceration that the vet had cared for on a lesson ponies head; and his dad asked him, “So are you going to go back to school to be a vet?” And he said, “Huh, maybe I should…”

Not long after that he enrolled in the College of Charleston and finished all of his science prerequisites for vet school in 2 short years while working 2 jobs! He attended veterinary school and earned his DVM from the University of Georgia, where he also completed a rotating internship in large animal emergency services, medicine, and surgery. He then completed a surgical residency at Texas A&M University, where his research focused on laparoscopic surgery. His primary surgical interests include lameness, arthroscopy, upper airway surgery, ophthalmic surgery, and laparoscopy.

Outside of the horse world he also enjoys rock climbing, hiking, and camping with his dog, Lucia.








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