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do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages

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put your answer to the question in the thesis statement in your introduction, you can use the word “outweigh” in your introduction if you want, or you can simply explain if there are more advantages or disadvantages in your opinion, avoid formulaic statements for your thesis statement – this means don’t use a memorised phrase, have one body paragraph which gives details about the opposite side to your opinion, have either one or two body paragraphs which give details of the side you chose to support, re-state your opinion in the conclusion using different language. There is no single way, the answers are written simply to show the question can be answered and there is not always a commentary to help. I hope this makes my advice clearer. Submitted by javaduddupudi on Wed, 11/07/2018 - 07:06. I mean is this refuting the side that I disagree with necessary for someone who wants to achieve 8 or 9? It reduces the crime rate a great deal and improves the relationship between the police and the community and it sends a message that crime will not be tolerated at all. Advantages & Disadvantages Of Communication Technology & Transportation. If you don’t have it already, you can find the link to the book here: When you have this type of advantage disadvantage essay it is important to distinguish between this and one that asks you to discuss advantages and disadvantages but does not ask your opinion. However, many candidates who are stuck at band 6 do not have the language skills to do this without repetition, which is why I recommend talking about both sides (why you agree and why you don’t believe the opposite). Advantages of Vinyl Wrapping . Or should I explain the advantages and disadvantages with a neutral stance before stating my opinion? Thanks for your reply. He then explained the main disadvantage: that a nuclear disaster had almost occurred near his home because of information being shared carelessly. I’m sorry if I’m asking too many questions, but unfortunately there are only 5 pages in both your vocabulary books about writing and I couldn’t find the answer in the official guide either. It is always easier to understand an idea when using real language examples. I have some questions about the IELTS writing and I’d appreciate it if you could help, because I don’t know any other reliable sources. As a result, their, For example, one essay sent to me by a follower of my page concluded that the advantages of sharing scientific. If you feel that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, write two paragraphs for advantages and one paragraph for disadvantages. Translations in context of "the advantages outweigh the disadvantages" in English-French from Reverso Context: But all things considered, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. If I change this question like this: ‘Some people believe that prison is not a good way to prevent crime and that education is more effective’ Can you see that it is possible to write more than one opinion within a statement and that both / all ideas must always be discussed no matter what the question following the statement looks like? Advantages and disadvantages Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages for you? Just communicate clearly – but do answer the task you are given. Reply. There could be other ways.For example, some people advise to write two body paragraphs - one on the advantages and another on the disadvantages, then in the conclusion state which one outweighs the other.You can do this, but it can look at bit odd if you write about them equally, but then say there are more of one than the other! In other words, it can be ‘x outweighs y’ ‘Y outweighs X’ or ‘actually I think they’re as bad / good as each other.’ Just don’t ignore it. It isn’t enough to read the book once – you need to read, process, re-read, then apply the ideas in your practice. Because they are not concerned about answering to anyone about anything, they feel more confidence in their personal life. do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of mobile phones, Mobile Phones Advantages And Disadvantages. Can I write about just one advantage and one disadvantage?”. a. This tells us that, for answers at band 6 ‘some parts may be more fully covered than others’ while a band 7 answer ‘addresses all parts of the task’ If you omit the negatives then you are ignoring part of the question. Those who are dedicated to Tai Chi and have genuinely embraced its application, concept, and movements, seem to stick with it for many years. … Which opinion do you most agree with?’ I can tell you that this is NOT an authentic question – it is a good example of people changing questions to make their own point. For example I have seen the following shared as ‘a recent actual question’ with the date and city also given: ‘In many countries, prison is considered the best way to decrease crime. Body paragraph 1: On the one hand, some people think that this responsibility lies with the government. Automated Customer Service: Advantages Outweigh Disadvantages. Thanks a lot, mam for your insightful review. There could be several reasons why people prefer to live in houses. When you are explaining a position that you genuinely hold, and that is based on your own experience, it is much easier to present a logical argument. In response to a question like that “Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?”, when should I state my opinion unreservedly (e.g. Firstly, I can’t speak for other websites because I don’t know those people and their experience or qualifications. There are a number of reasons why living in a house is always a good decision. Learn  about  writing a ‘balanced’ essay discussing both sides in this type of essay: Writing a counter argument. Overall, your content is satisfactory. To conclude, globalisation has simplified many aspects of life, therefore, I completely agree that its advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. Globalization is mainly used to describe the integration of worldwide economies through foreign investments, trade and technological exchange. Always ask yourself whether the possible advantages of an intervention outweigh the disadvantages. or "Do the benefits outweigh the drawbacks?" Can I say that in the IELTS writing? 】 on Graduateway Huge assortment of FREE essays & assignments The best writers! You’ll find it in chapter 7. However, the exact age at … Many thanks gor your detailed answer, actually I’ve read all your books and I’ve been following your blog for a long time, but I have never come across a question where there are two points of view and it asks us to what extent we agree or disagree, I thought when there are two views the question asks us to discuss both views and give our own opinion, do you have any examples for a question that has two views and asks us how much we agree or disagree? Please suggest, Thanks. My worry is that people try to put their own limits on what is possible within a test question and this then becomes a problem if their test question does not fit within these limits. Also, they are expected to respect the general rights of people living nearby. give reasons for your answer and include any relevant example 73 Similarly, if you are given an issue and then asked ‘ do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?’, you could organise your essay like this: Alternatively, you might decide to write about the disadvantages first. For example, a fixed parking space is allocated to each tenant in parking lots and they need to park their vehicles there, but house owners can park their cars in garages. Now I think I understand what you mean by two points of view. The advantages also shine through when the positive attention is greater than any negative attention, such as if you use the day as a fundraiser for a local charity. This type of question is very different from the “positive or negative” essay question. b. Reply. However, there ARE conventions that you should follow until you are at a level where you can break those rules (which is what skilled professional writers can do). Do The Advantages of Tai Chi Outweigh the Disadvantages?. Do the advantages of international travel for the individual outweigh the disadvantages? Test question writers are very careful to make sure that plurals are only used when necessary. However, others may disagree. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of genetic engineering with specific reference to Gattaca. Do you think the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages? Am I right in thinking that? © Pauline Cullen 2010 - 2020 | Privacy Policy, Discussing Problems and solutions and advantages and disadvantages. What I am aiming to do in my next book is show you how to fix band 6-6.5 writing to create band 8 or 9 responses. So, if your question presents an issue and then asks you to discuss problems and solutions, then you will need to 1) discuss any problems you can identify and 2) suggest solutions to these. If you cannot see any negatives at all, then you would need to explain this so that you are not ignoring it altogether. I do not believe that the supposed "advantages" of globalization outweigh the disadvantages. If you agree that more money should be spent on railways then you would need to explain 1) why the railways deserve / need this money and 2) why roads do not You can’t simply refute the argument without discussing or mentioning the other side. What a valuable piece of advice… It answered my questions in details… Thanks. The disadvantages of proactive policing do not outweigh the advantages in any way. Thanks, how about what I read about task response on that website? The main problem occurs when people are given 2 viewpoints and then choose to only talk about the one they agree with – you must not do this because then you are missing half of the question. Can you give me an example? In conclusion, there are a number of advantages and disadvantages to spending a lot of time at work, however, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages because working long hours can be fatal for some, as well as can be a source of guilt for others who would prefer to spend more time with family. I have read all your IELTS advice about writing, I have also read all of your books including your free book, but somehow I am still confused. Ok, I just wanted to point out that many people assume answers are written by examiners and that examiners are also trained writers and test writers. Do not be confused with the question even if it is the same with other question types such as ‘outweigh’. Affordable option . This problem is then compounded when people put their own limits on what or how you ‘must’ write (especially the incorrect advice that you ‘must only write about the opinion you agree with’. Write at least 250 words. answer the question – do you think the advantages or the disadvantages are most important? An important part of divorce is determining who gets what and how much. This kind of question asks about the advantages and disadvantages and an important word here is “outweigh“. Thanks, Hi Karam, a lot of the confusion comes from the fact that you will always find examples that are different to the ‘rules’ you are given. One other point to make is that you say ‘the examiner has written’. For example, one essay sent to me by a follower of my page concluded that the advantages of sharing scientific research far outweighed the disadvantages. this question [To what extent do disadvantage outweigh advantages?] Discuss a problem and a solution to that problem, Discuss a further problem and a possible solution. or "Do the benefits outweigh the drawbacks?" My advice for these questions is to write a paragraph about each side, and make it clear in the introduction and conclusion which side outweighs the other (i.e. Your points are very helpful for me, and I have not got any sort of good feedback so far. Uma says: October 29, 2019 at 4:41 am . People may not see how convenient car wrapping is but aside from this advantage, there are a lot more to which a motorist can enjoy. People tend to forget what the EU is all about and what we would have if we did not have the EU. Are you asking about whether you need to write about advantageS and disadvantageS and about problemS and solutionS (plural not singular)? hye, Pauline mam Affordable option . Hi Pauline, I will be sharing a link to the course very soon. To conclude, globalisation has simplified many aspects of life, therefore, I completely agree that its advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. Understanding the Task. However, education is often argued to be a more effective way. Do you think their advantages outweigh their disadvantages? I also show you how to make sure your position is clear throughout. And if yes, is that true for a “Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages question?”? It’s the responsibility of every individual to look after their health. Considering the various developments in the recent world, it is evident that globalization offers more advantages than disadvantages economically or otherwise. Essentially, yes, the language you use to discuss the side you disagree with should make your disagreement clear. Advantages and disadvantages Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages for you? If there was a highly successful new chemotherapy drug available for pancreatic cancer, patients would be interested. Can I say that in my opinion there are no disadvantages and only mention some advantages? Or, if you are a more confident writer, you may decide that it is better to. Included in an information pack is a document that analyses the main advantages and disadvantages of the most widely used refrigerants in cold stores and food processing, namely R404A and R717 (NH3, ammonia), when employed in mechanical … To what extent do you agree or disagree?” So here I should talk about both railways and roads even if I think governments should only spend money on roads? Is this true? What happens if it was very expensive with no public funding? In conclusion, I would like to say that people who are living in houses are blessed with countless benefits as they are independent in their respective premises. This site uses cookies. Accordingly, while writing the essay – do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, you have three options. Uma says: I also know that I can show my disagreement through my use of language or by saying it directly, my question is whether I need to both present and refute the side I disagree with or should I simply present both sides (without refuting any) and then state where I stand on the question? Read my free book to learn more about how to think, plan, and logically organise your ideas in writing task 2. Conclusion: individuals not the government, So in the first body paragraph I have merely represented the arguments for the side I disagree with, and in the second body paragraph I have presented the arguments for the side I agree with (and I have made it clear by saying “I think”) I take you step by step through the writing process from getting ideas, to planning, then writing and checking. I actually expected to read some of the negative effects this development could have, because “largely” does not mean entirely, and so I expected some discussion of the positive effects, but there is no such thing, can you explain why? Some authorities think that it is more favorable for pupils to begin studying languages at primary school instead of secondary school. However, in questions like “advantages and disadvantages” are where I struggle. Hi Lianna,you are correct to a certain extent. When the question asks us “to what extent we agree or disagree with something”, and I completely agree with it, can I simply present my reasons for agreement, or do I also HAVE TO present the reasons why some other people might disagree and refute their arguments? Hi, Pauline. Model Answer. People now have the freedom to work and live anywhere in the world due to the development of communication technology and transportation. I looked at a sample writing you posted, but it was only explaining only one stance where you either agree or disagree, and I quite understand how this works here. Actually I have read your free book 3 times, and I am clear on the fact that I must discuss both views, but unclear about my discussion of the view I disagree with. 2. Do the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages? Too many conclusions I see consist of only one sentence – I don’t believe this is enough – you should aim to write at least 2 sentences. Again, if you send me your answer I can demonstrate this. I would be very careful for the next time. Hi Lianna, why not write out this essay and send it to me so that I can be clear in making the point? I totally understand that and I have read your post about using samples before. The main advantage he identified was that having access to information meant he could advise younger members of his family and help them to make career choices. This post will answer that: How about a question that asks whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages? My new book will help to address this. I’m asking this because in your free book you said for higher scores we need to look at both sides of an argument; can I say I believe this is only a negative development and only mention the negative effects and still achieve a 9? Band 8 Essay Sample. The question is asking about which it is better to live in. Some IELTS writing task 2 questions ask: "Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?" Thanks a lot, Mam. [Some parents buy their children a large number of toys to play with. We know this because the Task response criteria for bands 7 to 9 tell us this. The advantages of a dress-down day are usually greater if the employees enjoy dressing casually and your clients don't mind. I wonder if I need to say which outweighs which every time – since sometimes I feel both advantages and disadvantages are great, and I think both are of equal weight. The Official Guide to IELTS and my two Vocabulary books also show you how to organise and write about common topics in writing task 1 and 2. Now we can taste fruits and vegetables from all parts of the world.

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