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history careers and salaries

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A doctorate degree will be even more beneficial and likely increase your salary. With more experience, though, the higher your salary will be. The glamorous History Careers And Salaries.history Careers And Salaries 132880.jpg digital imagery below, is part of 8+ History Careers And Salaries written piece which is classed as within Salary History and posted at May 8, 2018. Beyond teaching at a postsecondary education institution is being an administrator at one of these schools. Money shouldn't be the only factor to consider when choosing a degree. From executive level positions to marketing roles, there are many corporate career paths that you can follow with your history degree. An honor roll certificate template may be used for a couple of academic purposes, particularly if congratulating a student for completing a particular program of research at a particular level. Joomla could have a small reputation as being hard to learn, but should you compare it with some strong software package and you also ‘ll locate it’s rather simple. Research Assistant, Research Scientist, Policy Analyst and more on This is another position that most people don’t normally think of when they go to earn a degree in history. You may either choose a generic certification template or some particular printable award. After you’ve decided that you wish to create awards, you are going to require criteria for estimating them. I thrives on writing original articles, press releases, bios, website content, business plans, proposals, resumes, letters, and non-fiction books as well as editing all forms of written material. At the postgraduate level, most of these courses are offered nationwide. As you know that everybody turned into digital which necessitates site and also the benefit will just arrive if your site is more visible on the pay of their research engine. You might always purchase a great custom made template, however, there are a great deal of websites that offer quality Joomla templates at no price. Here are eight career options you can go for after a degree in History: 1. A degree in history provides you with a set of transferable skills that are applicable to a wide range of careers such as law, publishing, journalism and the media, museums, librarianship and archive work, teaching, advertising, work in the development sector, global charity work etc. History majors tend to get a bad rap, as their choice of study is typically deemed a “useless” degree. In 2014, the average income for an attorney was more than $133k a year. Teaching history is an ideal profession for people with a passion for investigating the past and exploring events that shape our world. As of May 2009, the median salary for geographers was $71,420 a year, according to BLS. Making your personal awards is an fantastic way to network with your business and quickly become a famous name. GM salaries in professional sports usually fall somewhere between $500,000 and $3 million and up. Museum directors and museum curators serve critical roles in preserving and promoting history and culture across the ages. Tools, Tips and Resources for College History Majors. As you probably already know if you're interested in art, the graduate job market for art students isn't the most flush with cash. Qualified teachers who are certified will find a variety of salaries, benefits, and opportunities available to them. Printing a certification template is simple. History teacher. The Big Money. The easy PHP Shopping cart software is the easiest approach to add e-commerce to your site. Salary Negotiation Advice: Critical Tips for Maximixing Compensation While most careers have a standard salary range, the salary you end up with will depend in large part on your salary negotiation skills. History Research jobs now available. Editorial assistant 6. Your research skills will propel you even further, allowing you to identify and target audiences based on budget restraints and client specifications. The average salary for "history" ranges from approximately $12.63 per hour for Retail Sales Associate to $32.13 per hour for Lecturer. Mainly, next to ancient bits of bone and forgotten fragments of pottery. Studying history can lead to a great number of excellent careers as diverse as the media, government, heritage organisations, conservation, teaching, archives, museums and galleries, the police and law.. Use our Careers with History guide to find out more about the wide range of career paths open to history graduates and how to start exploring those that interest you. However, GM salaries span a wide range, depending on the sport and the team. Because job competition among political scientists is not high, you won’t have to fret about landing a job in this role. For instance, GMs in the MLB earn between $500,000 and $2 million a year according to sources for Fox Sports. Archivist 2. Broadcast journalist 4. Post-secondary agricultural sciences teachers earn as much as $128,280 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Nearly 85 percent of these teachers have doctoral degrees. There are award templates available which can be customized for any occasion. history careers and salaries.history-careers-and-salaries-slide_17.jpg. ... College Professors plan and deliver specialized instruction based in the humanities, sciences, information technology, history, or engineering disciplines within degree or certificate programs at a college and university level. They’re also a excellent way to courtesy workers when they meet a goal. Historic buildings inspector/conservation officer 4. I am writing stylist and creative efforts … Careers that combine science and history allow you to acquire scientific knowledge and investigate the past. It is likely to start with a completely complimentary e-newsletter support on As you earn your degree, though, your skills as an effective communicator will be immensely sharpened, making you a huge asset to the public relations industry. You could also include a logo or image if you would like. History History jobs now available. It’s ‘s astonishing what it will do to assist your organization. Still yet, this is a role that requires passion, and if you have a passion for history and education, then it will be a perfect fit for you. And while your student loan debt may pile up, you should know there are lots of grants and scholarships to take advantage of. Museum/gallery curator 6. For example, a biostatistician earns an average annual salary of $95,680 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), and a Health Services Administrator earns $115,160 or more . So you’ve chosen to pursue a degree in history. Curators, also called museum directors, are responsible for authenticating and looking at collections. Get hired! Use this table to see the average starting salaries for graduates from 70 subject areas. You will print and provide your first award certification in under half an hour from now. Salary and Pay Calculators . Whether you’re planning your career path or considering a career change, there are jobs involving science and history that you can pursue. Joomla is one of the major content management systems available today. For history graduates, a museum curator or museum director job is a possible exciting career path.Museum curators are responsible for collecting, archiving, and presenting historical works in public or private collections. Foreign Language Professor. History Salaries. Careers & Salaries Professional historians typically work in three major areas: education, archival work, and public history (museums, for example). 1,807 free of charge certification designs that you might print and download. You may use the awards for private, industrial and educational usage. About 6.5% of history majors are unemployed, with salaries ranging from $34,000 to $84,000 and a career outlook in the most popular positions ranging from “normal” to “good”. Glassdoor salary range: $37,000-$80,000 Glassdoor salary range: $36,000-$81,000. The median salary for someone in this position is close to $100k a year. Law is a field that is based primarily on history. According to Georgetown University, holders of bachelor’s degrees in the field made a median $54,000 annually, as of 2011. The most important part of a site is its own homepage. Becoming a history professor is most definitely a great accomplishment to make. In this role, you can work in a wide variety of … The job growth rate for postsecondary education administrators is 15%, and you will need at least a master’s degree. Teacher Salary. He had been making $35,000 in the NFL. Compare average salaries by job title and skillset. In fact, let’s take a quick look at the highest-paying careers in the field of history. There are high-paying horticulture careers. Founded in 1955, the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) is the largest membership organization of professional social workers in the world, with more than 120,000 members. The top online history programs prepare graduates for a variety of careers, including roles in fields outside of history. The average salaries of these professionals range from roughly $56,000 to $66,000, depending on the field and employer. If you prefer to produce the award certification yourself then you might want to try out a certification boundary or a sterile certificate in the gigantic selection available. $56,690 Curator. Awards and awards are critical elements of someone ‘s professional and educational life. Printable award certificates would be the very best approach to respect for any kind of achievements. Learn more about average history Salaries on SimplyHired. If that is the situation, you might want to create an award to promote lending back. The main character traits you should have for careers in academia are a deep curiosity about the world, a desire for facts and a belief that history can inform the present and shape the future. They must have at least a master’s degree in geography to qualify. It should be noted, though, that this figure includes curators with advanced degrees. Editor. The 20 Best Schools With Online History Degree Programs, Best Affordable Schools to Get Your Degree in History, The Best History Blogs To Follow In 2018-2019. The field of military history includes the compilation and analysis of military practices, events and culture throughout history. Explore information technology careers and find about information technology salaries, jobs, companies and much more at Indeed. Careers for Students of History, a joint publication of the AHA, the NCPH, and the faculty and students of the Public History Program at the University of South Carolina, provides an overview of career options for professional historians. If you have a desire to enter into the legal field and a passion for history, you can do a double major and become an attorney. Knowledge in the field of art history can be applied to a vast number of industries. People who are fascinated with ancient cultures, historic facts and important discoveries are well-suited for careers as history teachers. For those with a historical background, Archaeology can be one of the most rewarding career paths. So the most important reason to have your own customized site design is you’ve got unique little business model. Civil Service administrator 5. Below is a list of history salaries for the most common careers pursued by history graduates. But the reality is that a bachelor’s degree in history can open the doors to a variety of fields, many of which have high employment rates and salaries. $73,720 History Teacher, Postsecondary. Sites and societal on-line networking are crucial. $61,180 Historian. The starting salary for someone filling this role is $61k a year. I have successfully helped thousands of companies and individuals reach their objectives by offering empowering information and by creating a multitude of dynamic business and personal documents. All you have to focus on is acquiring enough knowledge to fill your role for the company or organization you are wanting to be employed through. Teacher salaries and benefits vary by location and school, but in general, many of the benefits are comparable. Becoming a foreign language professor, however, is even more of an accomplishment. View salaries for the most popular sectors, job roles and skills queried by users. Awards are an excellent process to promote good behaviour, set business standards, and recognize excellent work within an assortment of subjects. Next: View Schools ... Careers with a History Degree; Jobs directly related to your degree include: 1. Among the many careers in military history are historian, archivist, history professor and political scientist. As a research assistant, you'll work with a team to uncover information and gather data on specific topics. You overlook ‘t will have to download any computer software. Glassdoor salary range: $48,000-$67,000. Search 10,679 History jobs now available on, the world's largest job site. General Information about Working in Public History. history careers and salaries.2007-salaries-755713.jpg[/caption] Tweet Pin It. Here they are, at a glance: Apply to History Research jobs now hiring in England on, the world's largest job site. What Do Related Occupations Make? Academic librarian 2. Top five subjects for average graduate salaries Business Cards Templates Microsoft Word Ms Free …, Business Cards Templates Free Visiting Card Psd …, Business Cards Templates Free Visiting Card Download …, Business Cards Templates Free Visiting Card Designs …, Business Cards Templates Free Vector Card Vip …. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the high school education field is growing at about 6% a year as student enrollment increases and school districts focus on lowering student-teacher ratios.1 A new teacher at the high school level can expect an average salary of about $ You might want to laminate your awards so they’re stronger and look more striking. Horticulture Degrees And Salaries. The salaries for history careers can vary widely, depending on the profession. These are some common jobs that history majors assume, once they have earned their bachelor’s degrees: Archivist. And while you may have pursued a degree in history to become an archivist or librarian, you should know there are many other occupations you can pursue that pay a much higher salary. Joomla CMS development Joomla is an exceptional open-source e-commerce platform that delivers a wide range of applications which vary from easy to complex websites and gaining additional significance within an on-line world. Information officer 8. Becoming a foreign language professor, however, is even more of an accomplishment. Explore salaries, wages and benefits for thousands of careers and occupations. Click on 'view more' to see the top 50 results. history careers and salaries.hqdefault.jpg, history careers and salaries.Cover-letter-for-chronological-resume.png[/caption], history careers and salaries.NCA_Career_Center_Assistant_Professor_Average_Salary.png, history careers and salaries.history-careers-and-salaries-slide_17.jpg, history careers and salaries.history-careers-and-salaries-132880.jpg, history careers and salaries.2007-salaries-755713.jpg[/caption]. Your role is vital to globalization and the worldwide economy. History Research jobs now available. Catering Assistant, Customer Service Representative, Alarm Technician and more on History Jobs and Careers in Victoria (with Salaries) | Keyword Average Range Jobs* Field Sales Representative: £82,500: £32,500 - £82,500: view jobs (73) Therapist: £31,787: £19,000 - £37,500: view jobs (65) Assistant Store Manager: After having a degree in history, you can specialize in these fields. history careers and salaries.history-careers-and-salaries-132880.jpg. Archaeology Salaries jumped due to bidding, including the famous John Brodie case where he was offered close to $750,000 to go to the AFL. There are free salary and paycheck calculators, tax calculators, cost-of-living calculators, and salary surveys that can help you find out salary and benefits information for jobs of interest.Chart your career path or compare employers with tools from, PayScale, Indeed, and more. Although salaries vary by location, social workers earn around $48,000 per year. Hence, a history degree, backed by a specialisation at the Masters level, can pave the way to a number of careers. This is not a role that many people go after, but it is definitely one that pays off well. Human resources officer 7. On the flip side, whenever you’ve custom site design and code, then you overlook ‘t will should go worried about its customization. Studying history can lead to a great number of excellent careers as diverse as the media, government, heritage organisations, conservation, teaching, archives, museums and galleries, the police and law.. Use our Careers with History guide to find out more about the wide range of career paths open to history graduates and how to start exploring those that interest you. 15+ Large Printable Letters . Academic history careers can also lead on to writing or broadcasting careers, providing outlets for historians to share their expertise with public audiences and/or readerships. As with most other positions, the more experience you get under your belt, the higher your salary will likely be. About The Author riska. Professional researchers and market analysts are two of the most popular entry-level jobs for history majors. Search history jobs. Highest Career Total and Single-Season Salaries. The certification sales award is the very best way to admit the employee to your best sales. Joomla is a professional outstanding product that’s very user friendly. Paralegal. American Historical Association (AHA) - Find your next career at AHA Career Center. Students can also consider enrolling in an online art history program. However, with universities now charging up to £9,250 per year, it's worth thinking about potential starting salaries. Get the right history job with company ratings & salaries. Median Annual Salary (2017): $82,450 Most all of these hot jobs has an average starting salary well over $50,000. Public health salaries range from $42,500 to well over $100,000 annually depending upon your job title. US News ranks the best paying jobs in America by scoring 7 factors like salary, work life balance, long term growth and stress level. As you start your journey to earning your history degree, make sure you keep in mind the jobs listed above. It can be hard to start a new enterprise. There are many career paths for you to travel down with this type of credential, and the job market for history majors looks really good. Top Careers in Education and Salaries. Average salary: $61,140 / £30,000 For many history majors, the ideal job after graduation will utilise every facet of their education. Research Fellow, Receptionist, X-ray Technician and more on History Research Jobs and Careers (with Salaries) | As of May 2015, museum technicians made an average of $44,880, while curators earned an average of $56,990, according to the BLS. Museum/gallery exhibitions officer 7. Producing your personal video squeeze page templates ensures that they are unique to you. The highest paying psychologist career salaries average up to $167,000. Please note that we only have complete salary data back to 1985, so some career totals may be incomplete. With more experience, though, the higher your salary will be. Now you ‘re in a position to employ your template to review what you need, check off everything you require, and use it in the store to remember to overlook ‘t overlook anything. History majors gain valuable research, writing, and analysis skills, which can lead to careers in education, public history, and preservation. Salary information comes from 886,783 data points collected directly from employees, users, and past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past 36 months. Historians research topics extensively, collecting data and verifying facts from numerous sources including books, letters, interviews, personal diaries, government records, archival photos and more. Career Options for Jobs Involving History and Science Those interested in the scientific aspects of history are in luck, as many careers are available that examine the data and statistics of … According to the New York Federal Reserve Bank’s 2017 Labor Market study, history majors earn a mid-career median salary of $62,000 a year, which is roughly $25,000 higher than the national median salary reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. History majors’ earnings seem to peak about 22 years into their careers, while the peak for all majors happens about five years later. They may specialize in areas such as botany or history. Do You Have What It Takes To Get a Degree In History? The need to store information in archives and the public’s interest in science, art, and history should continue to spur demand for archivists, curators, museum technicians, and conservators. Writer. Your critical thinking skills combined with your writing and research capabilities will be pivotal in a corporate career, giving you an advantage over many of your fellow competitors who are trying to acquire the same role. In fact, let’s take a quick look at the highest-paying careers in the field of history. An amateur looking site isn’will bring in the right kinds of customers. Archaeologist 3. As part of a continuing effort to advocate for the BA in history and highlight the value of historical thinking, the AHA invites responses to a new "Why Study History?" Administrative Officer, Court Clerk, Quality Assurance Analyst and more on Social Work Careers Available. We do, however, ask employers using this service to adhere to reasonable standards of professional ethics. When choosing which type of award to give out, it’s a fantastic concept to select things which are within the pupil ‘s control. History jobs now available in Victoria. 664 open jobs for history. 2,296 History jobs available on Related Posts. You will use the knowledge you gain to teach others about physical and cultural phenomena. Geographers investigate different aspects of Earth such as people, land and its features. Contrary to popular belief, jobs for history majors aren't limited to academia. Sometimes the best careers come buried under the surface. has created the following list of high paying careers with the highest average starting salaries. Museum education officer 5. $44,320 Museum Technician. Apply to Freelance Writer, Social Studies Teacher, Tutor and more! Becoming a history professor is most definitely a great accomplishment to make. Heritage manager 3. The design of a site is definitely an artwork. Not only will you have a profound knowledge of history and be able to share it with your students, but you will be doing it in another language too. NCPH makes no guarantees about the accuracy of information contained in the listings or the business practices of employers listing openings here. There is a wide gap of about $10,000 between the median annual salary for history majors and the median for all majors at about 25 years into their careers. Now you ‘re competing with numerous other websites. Accurate, reliable salary and compensation comparisons for India Glassdoor salary range: $40,000-$73,000. $58,110 Librarian. Becoming a foreign language professor, however, is even more of an accomplishment. History Professor Average salary: $73,720 (Top 10% can make over $120,000) While a history professor is one of the most desirable jobs for history majors, it’s quite possibly the most difficult to obtain. Geography is the study of location and how it affects people, animals, economies and environments. Not only are there fewer history professors compared to other careers, there are also intense requirements for education, as history professors are expected to have at least a master’s degree in history, if not a … The history major provides both a stepping stone towards dynamic careers in many industries and preparation for ongoing contribution to civic life. For instance, degree-holders can pursue careers in school social work, geriatric social work, or substance abuse social work. The expected job growth rate for positions in this field is 10%. While there are a number of careers that have a higher than average yearly salary, it is important to remember that actual income depends upon a variety of factors including geographic location, sector of employment, educational background, and years of experience. Furniture design, teaching, museum work, government employment, clothing and costume design, private and public research projects, architectural consultation, interior design advising, entertainment set direction: these are just some of the areas which need perceptive, talented art historians. Marketing executive 9. For history graduate, careers in media can include writing, journalism, broadcasting, editing, and other things related to media, with jobs ranging from radio deejaying or TV scheduling. National average salary: $73,587 per year. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), archivists in general had an average yearly salary of $56,400 in May 2018 ( 8+ salary history template. I am writing stylist and creative efforts as a freelance writer. Because the two go hand in hand with one another, it should come at no surprise that history majors often find themselves taking courses in pre-law as well. In this line of work, you will be responsible for studying the nature of earth and how it interacts with itself and other parts of the universe. Becoming a history professor is most definitely a great accomplishment to make. After all, since history is made every day, the opportunity to expand your knowledge (and its value in the working world) is constant. Watch sample award certificates to learn what you could easily do. Careers in Military History. Earning a master's degree in business (M.B.A.) may allow for career advancement, but your undergraduate history degree will provide many of the skills needed to succeed in this field. Another way to put your history degree to use is by becoming a geographer. The careers vary in titles, duties and educational requirements. Particular kinds of awards ought to be offered in a particular interval annually. Setting up an award system won’t be more easy, but should you get it done right, it’s going to be quite valuable to your brand. Salaries posted anonymously by History employees.

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