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millionaire shortbread grainy caramel

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So thank you for sharing this recipe and spreading some happy times! Preheat the oven to 350°F (180°C) then butter and line an 8-inch (or 9-inch) square pan. I also watched the YouTube video a couple of times beforehand! Mea culpa!,,, Hi, I can’t find any condensed milk anywhere- any ideas for how much sugar to add to evaporated milk- might that work? You really want to slowly melt the condensed milk, golden syrup, sugar and butter together before it starts to boil – then it will be lovely and smooth. I have honey which could work better! Definitely recommend! To make things … If you can’t access golden syrup, you can give corn syrup or honey or similar a go. Buttery shortbread, smooth caramel and a layer of chocolate come together to make a sweet treat that will blow you away. You then need a circle shape it slightly and it’ll really flatten the chopped-off and see it’s all lovely and swirled in and then as you can see it’s lovely and flat. If so, how much would you suggest without it effecting the caramel, I’d really like to add some peppermint into it E.g. Hi, does it have to be ‘unsalted butter’ for both the shortbread and caramel? Since my disaster the first time around, I’m very pleased to announce that the second attempt has gone very well. Very easy to follow recipe with superb results! If it’s set well, I wouldn’t change anything! Thanks. Sorry! Next time, just make sure to do it for longer!! Somehow I managed to make toffee instead of caramel. Sprinkle chopped nuts, dried cranberries, or raisins on the crust before pouring in the caramel And what type of hob do you have? And it means you don’t have to get your hands on your sticky but of course, you can just use your hands if you prefer. I used evaporated milk and added 8 tbsp of sugar instead of 3. X, It can sometimes make the shortbread feel softer when making it, but generally it does work yes! Generally, I will make the shortbread, and whilst the shortbread is calling somewhat I’ll make the caramel sometimes it’s better to leave the shortbread for a bit. It was perfect! The best caramel shortbread ever! OK! The mixture will be ready when it has changed to a slightly darker golden color and has thickened to a soft fudge texture! Again, easy to follow and straightforward. The chocolate part is quite straight forward – you just want to melt it, and cover the top, and let it set as well. Chill the Shortbread back in the fridge for another 1-2 hours until the Chocolate has gone hard!!! Thank you Jane I wouldn’t recommend using the same amount for a 7″ tin – you’d need about half the recipe and to bake for less time! Do you thing I should scoop it off and heat it more and then put it back in the fridge or should I just go with the unset caramel ? A Complete Guide on How to Make Millionaire Shortbread! If it starts to boil too high you’ll want to turn the temperature down because you don’t want it to overflow on the pan still just consistently stirring it’s been boiling for about a minute. If not what is this difference in using your caramel receip from the millionaires flapjack? ❤️ Chocolatey c, my youtube video on how to make Millionaires Shortbread, Watch my youtube video to see the caramel go from the beginning to the end. Is that the same thing? And if you did, did you defrost at room temp or in the fridge thank you x, Yes they freeze! Here is this bit, so it’s starting to boil around the edge now this is sort of where you want it to be, and I will just continue sort of scraping the edges around not leaving many ingredients and just keep boiling. Firmly press the mixture into the bottom of the tin and bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes until pale golden on top! If you want to republish this recipe, please re-write the recipe in your own words and credit me, or link back to this post for the recipe. I made a batch for my grandma and she loved them! I. This confection became so popular outside of Australia and Britain that it was featured in the 2018 episode of America’s Test Kitchen. Basically, completely dumb it down into the ground so that if you are scared to make it, you won’t be any more! For the first time the other week and I think that it was overdone when set it was very chewy and not fudgey as it should be. Yeah, I’m happy with that so I’m just gonna take that off the heat turn off quickly move over. After reading your blog and the comments I was worried about messing up the caramel (I’m new to baking and have an electric hob!) Chop your Shortbread into the separate pieces and enjoy! Unsalted butter: An important ingredient to add rich flavor to any of the recipe and it adds a unique flavor to the recipe. This is because the knife is larger than the traybake, and it makes it a hell of a lot easier. When using a mixer to make it, you add the butter and sugar together, beat until creamy, and then add in the flour and combine. Also, I don’t think i’ve waited long enough for the shortbread to cool :(, does this mean it’ll be ruined? I use the right spatula and not a wooden one. Pour the caramel onto the shortbread base and leave to set for an hour in the fridge. For the shortbread, it really is quite basic – you can do it by hand, or in a food processor, or in a stand mixer, or with an electric hand mixer. My goal with this blog is to give you the fun, laughter, confidence and knowledge to bake and cook whatever you fancy! I’m just going to make a plain Millionaire Shortbread. Are you sure you aren’t using evaporated milk? And of course, remember that you can watch me make it on youtube! Millionaire’s Shortbread is often called Caramel Slice in New Zealand, and the ingredients of the base layer can differ slightly. Achieved perfection on the second go (the first one I cooked the caramel for too long and it was more like toffee). Everything else is perfect though. Cool shortbread for 1-2 hours or until completely cool to the touch. Thank you for these great recipes!. Once the sugar has dissolved, turn the heat up high and let the mixture come to boiling point and boil for 5-7 minutes stirring constantly so that the mixture doesn’t catch. x, Tried this today and it was amazing. They were amazing! In a large saucepan pour the condensed milk, butter, sugar, and golden syrup and melt on a medium heat till the sugar has dissolved – stir frequently to stop anything from catching. The sort of toffee that needs a hammer (and a chisel). But I’m using the half-height bowl, so it’s probably gonna fly it everywhere. Thanks! Stir all Caramel ingredients together except vanilla in heavy-bottomed saucepan. I do have an electric hop it wither that or the pan I use. Thanks, Hey so I wouldn’t use the maple syrup personally as it can taste/look/feel different with it. It means that you don’t ruin the caramel if you something like a wooden spoon you risk because it’s got such a small surface area on the end you risk it leaving ingredients behind and then that’s when you get the flaky bits in your caramel now this make sure it’s nice and smooth I can’t feel any granules of sugar any more often. x. Low and slow isn’t right, neither is fast and hot. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Unfortunately using coconut flour is quite difficult in place of regular flour. Sorry, just seen you answered the same question underneath! Thank you! BE CAREFUL as the mixture is VERY hot and can burn you if it splashes back! BE CAREFUL as the mixture is VERY hot and can burn you if it splashes back! **If you struggle to cut your shortbread and tray bakes without the chocolate cracking on top, set it at room temperature rather than in the fridge and it’ll be softer so therefore won’t crack when you cut it. I made them to be part of a teacher gift box (plus extras for home!) I’m just gonna keep it going for another 30 seconds, I’d say and then I’ll take it off the heat and then pour it on to my shortbread. I love this recipe the first time. I think the BBC /Nigella /Jamie Oliver versions all have the same components with very similar ingredients. Thank you!! Not to worry though, when you pour the chocolate on, leave it to set at room temperature rather than in the fridge and it should soften the caramel slightly. Thank you for the information too – it’s useful to know for the future!! His usual response to most things he eats is “okay” or “nice”, but he devoured this and said it was absolutely lovely. Did I not leave it for long enough? I don’t have golden syrup, and was wondering whether maple syrup was fine? Hi Jane, Variations on Millionaire Shortbread. But I have one question, the shortbread crumbled quiet a bit. I can’t wait to try but only have been able to get self raising flour? Not sure what caused it. You want to use a good quality pan if you can, as some pans have a very thin base. Truly outstanding! x, Made this and it tastes amazing! I would definitely say give it a go as there aren’t really any alternatives for this sort of caramel, and I’m sure the recipe for making it yourself will work! Was that because I undercooked it or is it meant to be quite soft? I follow the recipe and use same ingredients. I have some people, say why can’t you just use that and that’s the reason it doesn’t work, it doesn’t say, it’s not the same thing. Your recipes are always fab so this one wasn’t any different! Hi Helen. I followed the recipe exactly, and think I was doing alright on my first ever caramel! Even though I skipped on the white chocolate part, it was super simple and very easy to make. Try and melt the chocolate in a different method and see if that helps! I made these today, but my caramel split and it was a buttery mess, so tried again, and it was fine for a few minutes but I could see the butter starting to split again just before it was turning golden, I had the gas on really low the second time as realised the mix could have got to hot, but it nearly happened again! It is delicious and heavenly. I’ve melted 200 grams of milk chocolate and then 100 grams of white chocolate. X. Just go around show you a couple of other pieces to show you that they’re all basically the same middle piece but it’s still perfect. Basically, if the base is too thin, you might burn the caramel. You can try a few different other things, such as scoring the chocolate when it’s not fully set yet, or heating the knife before cutting – but honestly, I just find using a large and sharp knife and going straight down is the best method for me! Thank you x, Hey! Ahh so glad you like the recipe! I don’t know what happened to my shortbread base but it’s like concrete and the caramel and chocolate hasn’t adhered to it at all, I watched the video and found it very good. Unfortunately when it was time to cut it, I couldn’t get a knife through it – not even a cleaver! Hi Jane, I’m making these but I only have evaporated milk. You’ll notice how it doesn’t stick in the pan either it comes out nice and easy. There we have my Millionaire Shortbread, absolutely perfect. I know I can use storm for the shortbread but with the caramel can I use either kerrymaid baking block or slightly salted salted butter as I have both of these. You can make the entire traybake, but not the caramel on it’s own as it’s designed to set solid. I used a mix of milk and white chocolate, but you can use whatever you fancy! Seriously bad for my (and my two boys’) waistline because it’s impossible to stop eating them. You can definitely try it, but the texture will be different! Thank you so much for sharing these recipes as it has helped me make so many things in an easier way at home and my kids love them a lot. All milk, all dark, all white.. or all three! It may cause it to keep on boiling where it is a very very hot mixture so you don’t want to let it sit there for too long. Candy Cane Cupcakes! It’s a lovely color it’s not grainy and it’s like the perfect mini shortbread. I tried doing it without chilling and it got a bit messy with the caramel! It doesn’t set it stays gloopy and I can tell as soon as I look at a photo of whether it’s used or not because it’s just a messy blob. I made the millionaire shortbread today and they are delishhhh just wondering are they suitable for freezing? Can you add flavouring to the caramel? Ah yay! I’ve made it before and it is the best M shortbread ever in my view so thanks a million! That sounds like it’s split ever so slightly which usually means it’s too hot. My caramel is starting to come out with bits I’m not to sure why. I think i’ve been too keen. What chocolate would you recommend? It was looking so promising too where I live you can’t buy these anywhere at all and condensed milk is an import so it’s an expensive mistake for me to keep making these are my faveeee I want them to go right so badly hahaha! If I use a 9-inch tray, so I actually use a 10-inch wipe knife so it’s longer than the width of the tray. The only way to deal with it is store it at room temp, and probably heat the knife to cut through it! Any advice? So I usually leave the shortbread to cool a bit first, and then pour the hot caramel on and straight in the fridge – it shouldn’t make a difference putting hot onto hot, but leaving the caramel to sit for a bit can sometimes cause it to go a bit funny (but if it worked for you then don’t worry!!) I’ll say now this mixture does get very very hot so you have to be careful when you make it, not to burn because honestly, you don’t want a caramel to burn, It’s very very painful. Golden syrup: Golden syrup is a thick, golden-colored viscous syrup that is made during the processing of sugar, similar to treacle and molasses but not same at all. I tend to make sure it’s straight, score the chocolate ever so slightly, and then just cut straight down. x. Hi, Really looking forward to making these for my birthday treat next week! You don’t want the edges to burn when the pot is boiling so I use the edge to scrape round like that and it’ll make sure that nothing gets left with a flat edge. One tip here is if you don’t want to use your hands and get sticky, is to actually get the spoon. Shortbread: try 2 1/4C flour, 1/2C sugar, 2 sticks butter. Which is in this video? The only thing is when i cut it into slices; the chocolate slid off some of the slices. Press the shortbread into a lined tin – I use a 9″ square tin – and make sure it’s even. Once set, melt the milk chocolate and pour over the caramel – melt the white chocolate and pour over too – swirl it into the milk chocolate with the end of a cake skewer so it forms a pretty pattern. x. Yayy, it worked! If you are doing this by hand, you can add all three ingredients together, making sure the butter is cold and cubed, and rub the mixture together with the tips of your fingers till it creates a bread crumb texture. So this was my second attempt today (probably better to not discuss the rock hard caramel of the first attempt haha) I was super cautious this time but went with a higher heat than first time, I ended up leaving it bubbling for about 10 minutes in the end and the colour seemed okay but then when I’ve cut it it’s all oozed and dripped all over the sides of the shortbread, gone a bit flat and sad looking do you think it wasn’t cooked long enough/high enough heat? All you need to do is boil for slightly less time! I have a 9″ by 11″ tray what would the measurements be? ive made it a few times now and your recipe alwasy works perfectly – thank you. White chocolate: White chocolate is favorite ingredient loved by toddlers to adults, all. If I may, would it be ok to suggest perhaps attaching a little video clip of how to create the swirled effect (I didn’t know initially wether to slap both of the chocolates on one after etc) and also how the consistency of the caramel should be just before it’s taken off the heat (I make loads of fudge and obviously the temperature and cooking times are quite different) Thank you so much for the recipe. In my pan, I have 200 grams of unsalted butter, I’m now going to add a tin of condensed milk to the mix, just pour it all straight into that. All images & content are copyright protected. Thank you for your detailed recipe, I just have a question what type of chocolate is best to use for this recipe ? Mine came out really well and everyone in the house loved them. Such a good recipe. This recipe is amazing!!! – you need to make it yourself as listed with normal condensed milk! So thank you. Hey! So it’s been a while since I posted my last ‘Back to Basics’ post – my last being my No-Bake Lemon Cheesecake post in May last year! I’m just gonna pour that on to my shortbread being careful not to splash it anywhere. Phil, I absolutely love this Millionaire shortbread. I’ve read that you can do that, but I haven’t done it myself, unfortunately – it’s probably worth a google! x, This recipe was amazing!! Spot on made two trays from the the first batch! But! I saw this recipe and followed your Youtube video and it helped so much. Thank you xxx. I would recommend just having faith and seeing how it goes – there isn’t anything you can do right now as it may be absolutely fine x. Only problem is now I want a kitchen aid haha which one would you suggest? Say about 9 of them? I made this today and it all set ok, but I’ve realised my caramel is pale compared to yours, I presume I maybe didn’t heat it long enough but I was worried about burning it. I use callebaut (bulk bought cooking chocolate) or just supermarket own for the topping! That’s not a criticism, as I’m really enjoying reading through your recipes and deciding what to make. Once it’s set, you add the chocolate! This is the second time I have made this and it is a great recipe and so easy to follow with fabulous results a win win for everyone. Hiya! It may help you! If not, how long would it keep? And after the success of my youtube video on how to make Millionaires Shortbread, I thought I’d do the blog post for it too! You’ll find slight variations in how to make the caramel and the base, but essentially this treat has three layers: a crisp shortbread base; a rich caramel … The caramel filling is without a doubt the part that most people have trouble with when making millionaires Shortbread. Tried it low and slow and then fast and hot, same thing happened twice. x. I would recommend watching the YouTube video also when making the caramel to see when you should remove from the heat, that came in very handy!! Hi Jane absolutely love your recipes especially Millionaire Shortbread. So i’m leaving it again. And our shortbread is firm enough and set well, it’s all ready to cut into pieces. However, cutting it up can be an issue for some. There’s no special thing with what I do. It will be crumbly but the ingredients will be evenly dispersed! I have not got any caster sugar, what could I substitute it for please? The video was fab to watch and easy to follow what to do. I could have held my nerve for a minute longer to achieve the depth of caramel colour but was too scared that I would burn the caramel! If you have it too hot that can cause it to split as well, I also used a good quality pan these are easy glide never stick to. So glad it worked in the end and you enjoyed it! Any tips appreciated. They look scrumptious!! Another one of your recipes I’m going to try! I made some on Saturday and we munched it during Strictly! Press into bottom of pan. Hello, I am Aklesh Pal. I’ve made this before and while it is always delicious, when I pour my caramel on to the shortbread it has a thin layer of melted butter on the top of it, any idea what I’m doing wrong?! So yeah that is my Millionaire Shortbread, I hope you have a lovely week. I would suggest watching my YouTube video as I show what I do! I followed your YouTube video and just wondered what could have gone wrong? I will say from the beginning that this is my method that not that I invented it but more that this is how I do it some people may do it differently but this is how I do it. I don’t heat my knife up, I don’t really do anything other than just cut it. Whilst it’s setting I’m gonna let it be in there for about an hour before I put the chocolate on. Shortbread Crust. Once you have poured your caramel onto your shortbread, you have to leave it to set. Poured the chocolate over and the Carmel went soft. So in my bowl, I’m going to add my butter, I’m gonna add sugar, and then I’m gonna cream those together. Millionaire shortbread goes by so many names I wasn’t quite sure what to name this recipe. For the caramel, put the butter, condensed milk, sugar and syrup in a pan with a pinch of salt. I always do it fridge cold – the caramel can take longer to set at room temp, but can still firm up so it may also be that the caramel wasn’t boiled enough xx. It makes my kids happy when I make such beautiful cakes for them and all this credit goes to you. Did you definitely make the caramel correctly? Can I freeze it? If your shortbread is like concrete it must be over baked – as it’s only three ingredients! I heated the caramel very slowly, used a sugar thermometer just to keep an eye on things and didn’t boil it to death. You can’t cheat and use a tin of carnations caramel and stick it on top as it doesn’t set. X. Hi, I am having a really difficult time with the caramel. Pour the caramel onto the shortbread base and leave to set for an hour in the fridge. It will still feel a bit soft as it’s still warm – if the size of the tin is still a 9″ square it should be fine, but if you have used a smaller dimensioned tin that can cause an issue! Hi Jane, Yes it will – just the baking time would potentially be less (depending on size) as the shortbread would be thinner! I am a part time-model, sketch artist, and one more thing that’s I love cooking. I still can’t cut the shortbread without the chocolate cracking in different directions… they certainly don’t look like your uniform ones! Preheat your oven to 180C/160C Fan, and line a 9x9inch Deep Square Tin with Parchment Paper. It took longer to thicken up but it looks and tastes like caramel so I think it worked. Very gloopy it’s all in there so now, I’m going to turn the gas on that is the highest level it’s very hard to see. Hii, what condensed milk do you use? So sometimes it can just happen! CARAMEL: In small or medium saucepan, combine sweetened condensed milk and 3 tablespoons butter. Swirl together with a spoon for a marbled effect that'll ensure your millionaire's shortbread recipe looks as good as it tastes. Unfortunately for this you can’t make the caramel in advance. Ahh oh no! Caster Sugar: Caster sugar is also know as Castor sugar, Superfine sugar, or even Baker’s sugar. Looks smaller and easy to clean, Ahhh yay! I’ve only got evaporated milk not condensed milk. Sounds delicious! Having realised my error of condensed milk rather than evaporated milk oops. Ahh that’s amazing!! xx, Hi! I absolutely love this! You can definitely bake it for longer to get it slightly crunchier, but it will always be kinda soft! Preheat your oven to 180C/160C Fan, and line a 9x9inch Deep Square Tin with Parchment Paper. But it’s not even slightly the same thing as the caramel that I’m about to make. I used it anyway but it just didn’t set properly or have much of a caramel colour any suggestions of what I’m doing wrong? x. My non- cooking husband decided he was going to have a go at these and now he can’t stop making them for us, family and friends! You’ve got the shortbread, caramel, and chocolate. You can see what sort of color it was a bit easier it’s like a definitely a dark color than the mixture at the beginning. But the condensed milk, this is a part of the caramel you can buy. ½ cup (1 stick) unsalted butter, room temperature 3 Tbsp sugar; 1 Tbsp powdered sugar; 1 large egg yolk; ½ vanilla bean, split and seeds scraped (or ½ tsp vanilla extract); 1 cup all-purpose flour; ¼ tsp baking powder; ¼ tsp kosher salt; Salted Caramel Filling. Now I’m going to turn the heat up to level 8 and I’m just going to continue stirring it. I could live on millionaire bars, I think. Honey would definitely be better – and I would use light brown sugar personally! Ahh yay! This recipe was absolutely delicious. Would you reccommend making this recipe but for single leftover Gu pot size? Hi! I would use 1.5x the recipe, so the full recipe and another half on top! x, Wow! It’s best to keep and store it at room temperature from now on, so it’s at least not fridge cold hard. 1/2 tsp or 1tsp of vanilla essence or peppermint essence? I’m gonna do it in parts because the bowl is a bit smaller but usually, I would just whack it all in. I am making this just now for my lovely health and social care workers as I retire tomorrow. What we actually need to use in the US is super-fine sugar. This is the first time I’ve made Millionaires Shortbread, after browsing loads of recipes and ‘how to’ blogs. If you can’t access golden syrup, however – I suggest using the caramel from this recipe post instead. If this doesn’t work are there any alternatives I can use? So glad you enjoyed the recipe! You also want to use a flat bottomed spatula, like these ones. Now and I’m still just gonna let it continue, I’m gonna turn the temperature down to seven. Pour the chocolate … This will keep in an airtight container for at least 1 week – if they last that long! If people say my caramel was grainy, that’s because the sugar wasn’t dissolved at the beginning bit, where it’s all lovely and smooth. Thanks! X, Sooo good and I was surprised I managed to make the caramel in the perfect fudgyness as well. I was wondering what I can do differently next time to prevent that? Melt butter then mix in flour and sugar. I normally use the caramel one but when I cut it, it comes out runny. Instagram Peel the paper away, none of it’s stuck to the caramel so it’s nice and clean. For the caramel, you REALLY have to work on it. Thank you so much for sharing and your videos too . I think I took it off the heat too early because I was worried about it going more like toffee if I overdid it, but the only sign it’s underdone is the colour so I’m not sure! Once the caramel was set, I poured melted dark chocolate over the top and added the Jaffa Cakes. Products and ingredients I have used are mentioned below: Anyway, let’s get started with our Millionaire Shortbread Recipe. Left peices in Tupperware for them to try as a lockdown treat. Thank you!! Do also try my NO-BAKE BISCOFF CHEESECAKE. I don’t know but it won’t act the same way, sure it will taste different and the color will be different. Heat the chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl until melted, stirring occasionally. I would just recommend being as careful as you can. It was well set. It doesn’t spoil anything it’s just a little annoying. Using pre-made caramel doesn’t work, and using evaporated milk instead of condensed milk also doesn’t work! Thank you ! x, made these today tasted AMAZING! x, Ideally you would have caster, or even golden caster sugar – otherwise, light brown sugar for example can work, but the colour will be naturally darker so it’s harder to see when you need to take the mix off! Thank you. First time I’ve ever made millionaires shortbread but won’t be the last…my 12 year old son had asked for more already!! I like using a candy thermometer when making caramel .. what temperature would I need the caramel to be for this caramel? just make sure that fills in everywhere. I don’t make this caramel to a particular temperature, sorry! Right now, I must head to the kitchen to use your recipe! ❤️ Delicious c, Terry’s Chocolate Orange Millionaires Shortbread, Gingerbread Drip Cake ❤️ A three-layer gin, Toblerone Brownies! Hey lovely, love all your recipes, you’re very talented! One question though – have you ever frozen them? It’s always successful the only thing is my caramel always catches. Hiya! I usually do this in the fridge because it’s quicker. Often splitting early on is down to being too much heat too quickly! After making a disastrous batch of millionaires shortbread with my grandchildren I discovered your Pinterest pin. Thanks, Sally. Thanks! I used confectioners sugar because I googled “caster sugar” and it says that it is confectioners sugar (which is actually icing sugar in the UK). And then I will show you what it looks like on the inside. So it should still work, but sometimes can be softer because of the ‘light’ aspect! It will still set absolutely fine, it might just have flecks running throughout but it’s more complicated to try and remove so I’d just go with it! And yes it can indeed freeze! Hi Jane , Made so many of your cakes ,cookies etc and they all come out good and so delicious. . Hi Jane I have have decided to make this and have for as far as the caramel , I have now realised I didn’t heat my caramel enough and it won’t set . Cream together the sugar and butter in a stand mixer with the paddle attachment until smooth – mix in the flour until a dough is formed. It was brilliant. I also love that I was able to make it! It can definitely change the texture if using maple syrup, as golden syrup is the ideal – but it might be okay! X, Hi Jane, I just tried making the millionaire shortbread and the caramel split twice. Could I use golden caster sugar for the shortbread or caramel? *This post may contain affiliate links. . Attempted to make millionaires shortbread 25 years ago and had a complete disaster.

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