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my dog attacked me for no reason

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Tell me, why do dogs that never bite, bite their own owners after 8 years. Gathering up every ounce of his canine courage and without a second’s thought for his own safety Max charges out of the house, tail hoisted aloft and barking his war cry as loud as his voice will muster. All I was looking for is a book. (Trust me you will stumble a lot of animals if you ran into them like that too). i totally agree with you. not all people like dogs sitting in their laps the first time they meet and some people do not know how to treat a fearful dog. 1. You can sign in to vote the answer. Dogs are living, intelligent beings that are much deeper then many of their owners. We got the car registration and called the police. He’s learning the exact opposite of what you want him to learn, which is to not resource guard. He's around 5 years old, and this has been happening constantly for way too long now. Dogs are better than people. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. according to a study in Psychology Today, hugs can really stress them out. It could never, ever be that. Why is he that he going to attack me....I don't know I don't like this..." WHAM he bites you. Another one mentioned illness as a possibility. my dog attacked me for no reason Puppy and Adult Dog Training Classes . All dogs give warning signs when play is ramping up towards aggressive behavior. Max, no.”. All these geniuses here seem to forget a dog’s place, thinking they have rights to the extent that humans do. Seizures, low or high thyroid levels, anxiety, and chronic illnesses can cause sudden aggression in dogs to happen, so always see a veterinarian first. my dog attacked another dog for no reason How do you moisturize a dog's skin? If your dog is suddenly aggressive to the other dog in your house, having never previously shown any signs of struggling to get along, there may be an underlying reason for this. ). John’s already noticed Henry making his way towards him and yells out, “Hi Henry. When we don't see the signs in our own life that the professional in us must instruct upon and notice daily in practice, it is so easy to be overwhelmed by feelings of inadequacy and powerlessness. Go google/or other all the gorey images of the brutal harm that humans have and still do inlfict on other humans. He snarls when I come near him but I grab his collar and speak harshly and snatch away the food. When my dog was a puppy, she would growl if she had something like food because she was afraid it might get taken away. Probably not. Henry’s been looking forward to catching up with John for weeks and, as he’s never been to his home before, finds himself feeling somewhat jubilant to realise he’s managed to find the street on which John lives without too much trouble and can now relish the prospect of seeing his friend again as well as finally getting to meet the only true love of John’s life, the much talked about Max. Get in perspective people, BE REAL and get balanced! Our phones are open 7 days a week from 9am to 9pm. my dog attacked me for no reason Why does my dog growl at my husband in bed? To neuter my dane in 2 weeks. I am a dog, and my human would be bereft if I had to be put down, but, please have some compassion for human beings. A dog as dangerous as that should not be trusted around people. Dogs are not judgemental and prejudiced in the way your comment is. To Max, this was a clear signal to ‘watch for danger’ I always ask people not to stare at him or approach him, but to ignore him completely and let him venture as near as he feels comfortable with. The 2nd attack was 3 days ago and every day since he wants to sniff my wound and give me … So there’s not always human influence involved. Dogs read body language and are fine tuned to how your voice sounds. A dog who is conflicted, worried or nervous about an interaction may: Yawn. We have posted some blogs that cover issues of dog behavior and will be focusing more in the near future on improving the relationships between dogs and people by helping dog owners become fluent in “speaking dog.” Thank you again for this article. Or the authorities who “humanely euthanize” as they call it for silly or no reasons by injecting them they still feel the effect or by suffocation just cause they bit someone or there is no room. Nipping is common in pit bull puppies, and their strong, angular jaws can cause severe damage if biting behaviors continue into adulthood. And then sometimes she'll sit no less than a foot away from him and just stare at me. We did NOTHING to antagonise the dog, it just went for my wife. Try to observe and respect any boundary you sense your dog has. He goes to my mom when he gets scared. Thankfully he didn't hit my face. Now I can physically reached in her mouth and pull something out without any growling, and without needing to give her a treat because she’s accustomed to it and trusts me. As John runs inside, Max’s thoughts turn to escape. If you don’t believe me, spend an afternoon with me :-0 and I guarantee you will not like people anymore. Right now I signalled him to come over to my bed, and petted him for a few seconds before he decided to lay down. JenVT is correct. San Bruno Dog Obedience School was founded by Mal Lightfoot and has been serving dogs and their owners in the California area for over 40 years. If this was a one-off thing, it's possible something scared your dog - possibly the size or the way the other dog approached yours. After 8 years, I told him he had to go outside for the night to sleep. An ambulance arrives to take Henry away and, hearing the commotion, John’s neighbours have summoned the Police. Unless you spend a lot of $$ to fix this dog you need to put him down. Trying to groom him is a nightmare, even with a soft muzzle. The real problem with a dog … His is a huge liablity- what if he bites a child next? I would love to have the oportunity to write about what happened, the media became involved – as a result publically I stated ‘blame the owner not the dog, do not judge the breed just the deed’. This was certainly “out if the blue” and “out of character”. Further up the street he spots John working in his front garden. I know its a mistake to let the dog on my bed, but this dog has bitten (never actually wounded or made someone bleed) guests after minutes of peaceful petting. Unbeknown to Max, he’ll never see John again. The dog does not mind and my husband lets him get away with everything.Thisis the frst dog in my entire life that has ever bitten me, ten times! Another seriously good article Ryan. Many dog owners have a sense of entitlement and believe that if their animal attacks, that the animal must have been provoked and was “only acting instinctively”. Acutely tuned to his owner’s emotions and sensing the fear and alarm in John’s voice, Max forges ahead and launches into a full scale attack on Henry. Wanting to put her at ease, he submissively offers up his paw. And dogs might have their own “reasons” but that doesn’t justify the fact that they may have physically scarred a man forever. Trustee Chained Dog Awareness Trust (for NZ). Provide your dog a totally safe dog house or crate where he can retreat to complete solitude. And were not all about to become dog whisperers so…yeah. John doesn’t mind. God bless all animals, God help humans!!! Absolutely. Meanwhile sometimes just her approach makes my dog shake. As Henry gets closer, Max again postures but now spots Henry’s aggressive body language, his wide eyes refusing to overt their gaze a clear signal of intent. I do not know what to do. John is exited today. my dog attacked me for no reason (⭐️ ) | my dog attacked me for no reason how to my dog attacked me for no reason for All service dogs should at a minimum ne sble if properlu trained to pass the american kennel club good citizen test. The dog almost took off half of his nose and had to attended by a plastic surgeon in the ER as the wound was severe. It may on acertain level be the fault of my friend, the dog’s owner, for not training the dog properly, but that doesn’t matter, as there are lots of poorly trained dogs who don’t bite or attack strangers without provocation. It’s a vet nurse. “John’s just shouted at this chap so he obviously wants me to keep an eye out.”. There are 2particular male friends he never likes ,they have dogs one wears glasses one has a long beard and wears a hat ,I’m fairly convinced its because of this . Lindy recommended agility classes to help our dog overcome some of her fears. He rubbed against me, and I rubbed my head against his for around 10 seconds before all of a sudden he snapped and bit me. Here, how to get your dog the help he or she needs. “You might kill me but you’ll never take John”, Max decides. You train them. and all the others. Hitting makes dogs more aggressive, so I hope you learn about more effective means of control before you walk this dog again or advocate such correccting. His worst fears are confirmed. I agree that it is 100% up to the owner to read their dog’s body language and attend to them, especially when strangers are coming over or the dog is off-leash. my dog just got neuterd and me and my mom were eating nuts, and we were giving some to him but he didnt want any more. They may be man's best friend, but they're not man. A sick lion will be driven off, and sometimes killed, by healthy lions, even though they all know one another and grew up together. He got to know my sister and brother-in-law well and greeted them like old friends, until the day my brother-in-law came in wearing a flat cap. “Shut the door John, shut the door” Max worries. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Dogs have a native body language that they all speak. The basic human owner needs to educate him/herself. We keep them seperate now. 50 pounds and the like? If your dog is aggressive towards another dog, you need to take precautions for next time. If the puppy bites you during playtime, yelp loudly and immediately stop moving. Play with your puppy, but stop playing if she bites. my dog attacked me for no reason Can I spray perfume on my puppy? Now my Presa growls at my dane and my dane growls back. As his bottom touches the floor feed him two treats one at a time at roughly one second intervals 4. It may just seem like there isn’t, especially when your dog rarely ever shows a worrying level of aggression. As Henry enters the garden (Max and John’s territory) Max does what he thinks his owner needs him to do. They should be vested … You need to get a couple of books on animal body behavior because what you are doing with the forceful dominance is making him feel threatened so he lashed out at you to get you to stop. There are no hard and fast rules here, but dogs often attack humans for their own reasons - and while those reasons are never justified using human rules and conventions, the first lesson here is to understand that dogs don't tend to always obey human rules and conventions. I say “No” or “Bad.” You let him know who’s boss. It will feel threatened for no apparent reason. It didn't bleed or anything, almost as if he felt bad right in the middle of his attack and held back. If all the answers are 'no' you have some major work ahead of you. Trust takes time. That’s it. We put our rescue/timid dog through obedience, which was well done. His name is Sam, but he loves people. Vet visit, have his thyroid tested and aything else the vet can think of to rule out a medical cause. What is unjustified in our world is often completely normal in a dog's. “John warned you. Problems. Max spots a man walking toward his and his owner’s garden – ‘his territory’ Why is my dog attacking me for no reason ? Jerry Sandusky is a person. As the vet nurse holds it, she carefully shaves a small patch of fur away from his leg. To all those people that say, “People are much more important.” Think again. But either way. people are always abusing and killing animals including dogs be it criminals like dog fighters who torture and kill the ones that loose or the injured one or the fighting champ. Dogs are still just dogs. if nothing helps him, it's best to euthanize him. They are taught to respond to specific sounds in the home such as smoke alarms, telephones, doorbells, or a knock at the door. Start your puppy in and around your home on a leash (this is a good way to start each day – a 20 minute walk). One more thing. It’s the owners responsibility to keep control of their animals at all times, whether off or on leash. Hey Cat, I’ve done a ton of research on dog behavior and positive reinforcement training. He’s learning that when he has something good, you’re going to become aggressive and take it from him. Thats bad but i would take him to the vet and see wats wrong with my dog he had eaten sumthing that would sometimes poke him makin him mean and bite me. This article is not a defence of dog attacks. Just like humans, dogs all have their own personalities, and their early socialization and training will play a large part in how they behave over their lifespan. He ponders how best to explain to his young children that he’s still their Dad even though he knows his mutilated features will upset them deeply. So the last 2 weeks my cat has been biting me and attacking my arm when he gets mad. Henry, an old friend from school who he hasn’t seen for many years is visiting. Then he saw a chihuahua on the tv screen and ran at the tv barking and Holly attacked him. 7. Begin your investigation by replaying the event in your head. He bit my upperlip. NOt by ordinary people. Having to comply to get his food means he has to listen to you. One commentator mentioned someone her dog knew came in wearing a flat hat. Thankyou for writing this. It’s called being prepared in life, which sadly does not seem to happen much anymore. For a dog magazine, you surely don’t know much about dogs. I agree with the one poster to have a follow up article on if you are going to be a dog owner learn dog behavior and warning signs. He’s an American Eskimo Dog. Can anyone help? Before he comes home, decide what he can and can't do. We don't sniff each other when we greet, dogs do. He just wants space. It's surely better to try and understand why dog's attack in the first place in an effort to prevent and reduce the number of dog attacks that occur. my dog attacked me for no reason Why does my dog fight in the house? he just attack and bits bad - Answered by a verified Dog Veterinarian. The dog seemed to like it at first, until “without warning” he reached up and nipped my cousin on the lip. my dog attacked me for no reason At what age should puppies start drinking water? Despite our yelling at the owner to call her dog she just stood and watched. i can see it getting a lot worse unless the law is changed on dog ownership and repeatability. While walking back from the park we passed several people male and female ,got to the shops and a guy pulled up got out walked near us he had a cap on and dark glasses and Gus went fir him nearly pulled me over .i managed yo hold him back but he was not happy .he sometimes does this to. I know some people treat dogs horribly and that’s not right. This time however, I was standing waiting for my boyfriend to open the door and for no reason the dog just lunged at me and bit my arm. For the last five years he’s lived with his best friend in the world a playful Labrador called Max. Currently, I am training a chihuahua puppy to pee and poop outside, I do this by taking him outside many times a day and he ususally does. I agree with previous comments that owners are completely responsible for their dog’s actions, so dog owners, we feel, will need to be the first to make the effort to understand dogs’ signals and methods of communication. I’ve never heard him even growl at anyone, an energetic but not aggressive dog. What would cause him to react like that? I mean come on, unless were some kind of “Dog whisperer” things like this can’t really be predicted as easily as you think it can. My dog attacks me for no reason? Now I’m as upset as John would have been to loose his beloved Max! I don’t know why this is happening she … I know if I were there I’d be just as confused towards the dog language as those other two were. And my cousin is only 10 years old. You may reproduce it with permission, please just link back to this page. It’s great that you would reach out and help me, but I fear you’d be the type to walk past my owner or any other human in their time of need. 1. Still have questions? Think about that. And what were the triggers as the result of that treatment. is it bad to have someone else train your dog? When a dog hurtles at you out of the dark it is a very scary experience. When a dog attack is reported we will often hear the same old phrases bandied about. thanks for listening I begged not to have him put down, and then they left him. Pingback: Dog Attacking- Questions on my right to defend myself. He will follow me around like he does my husband if we are alone. Was the opposite when she was away. Its not only people that can learn. No apology. Flick his tongue. 1. I know, I’ll stare right back at him. One of the worst things for any dog owner is to see their pet cowering in fear without having any clue what’s going on. For example, a dog who is afraid of unknown people or who is afraid of loud noise can attack the next of person it sees without warning. we have just had are little 14 week old Yorkshire terrier killed bull two bull terriers and there ant a thing the polices or the RSPCA can do about it, this sort of thing is happening every day so how come no one is policesing these things. One gal I talked to was really upset because her dog attacked her son when he was playing. Try to Determine the Reason Your Dog Bit You. Why did that happen? “He’s not only not listening to me, he’s staring right at me. So to understand dogs and to try and get a better oversight of the early warning signs a dog is about to attack, we must acknowledge rule number one: dogs are not people. [1] It’s important to note, though, that even unexpected bites rarely (if ever) occur for no reason. They all got along great and the two play all the time. “I’d better be on full alert.” he concludes. He’s never been one for trying to keep it immaculate when Max’s favourite hobby is trying to tunnel his way to China. He’ll go up to any random person on his territory or not and just sit at their feet and wag his tail. Pls help. Dogs of any breed do not suddenly attack. Please please please get him help, got to a PROFESSIONAL trainer (not Petco) who specializes in aggression issues, or have the dog put down. And your post makes absolute sense. The fact is, though, there is always a reason when a dog bites. But that’s a side issue. Ultrasound clear, bloodwork clear. He used to be people aggressive when he was a puppy (we have stopped this behaviour), he went through a stage of being very destructive (again we have stopped this behaviour), he also used to be very dog aggressive but with extensive training and help from a trainer … Random dogs when he’s on lead .i am now very mindfully when I’m walking him .ishia because of something that has happened to him in the past . California, USA. In my opinion, if I was bitten that badly by a dog-reason or no reason, I would have it put down anyway. It will feel threatened for no apparent reason. John jogs inside to fetch a couple of bottles of beer and Max is only too pleased to hurriedly follow his master. So I practiced trading with her. That being said, yelling and snatching away things your dog has is an awful way to train them. I dont think this article could have come at a better time or written more precisely. She thought in fact that when the dog reached up that he was going to lick her face. 5. my dog attacked me for no reason Get expert advice about potty training and crate training your puppy from AKC's training experts: our tips and tricks will help get your pup trained ...Choose your dog's name wisely and be respectful of it. The dog didn’t recognize the man with it on and he sensibly took it off and gave the dog some space until he had relaxed. The main danger comes not from their jaws but from their weight, they run into you from afar. Take three treats in your hand 2. I want to seem imposing and show him that he doesnt scare me, and doing that with my bare hands would probably hurt. We've been thoroughly thrilled with everything Lindy has to offer so far. She paid no attention to it but while her son was in the hospital and she was off work to be with him she happened on a recording of her live-in boyfriend. The realisation that Max is a long way past the stage of being able to be pacified dawns on Henry fast and he hastily tries to beat a retreat back out of the gate from which he entered. Restraint and restraint collars/harnesses and firm (not yelling) voice commands on dogs are effective. The dog in this story didn’t understand boundaries because it wasn’t trained properly; shame on the owner. I can even run away and he'll attempt to bite at my ankles and take me down. Max, confused and still frightened by the terrifying ordeal earlier in the day is now wondering why he’s found himself confined to a small, secure cage at the vet surgery. As Henry runs away and John panics, Max takes this as a sign that he should increase his attack, his canine instincts now in complete overdrive. We’ll bring tangible tips to every session, personalized to alleviate your concerns regarding your dog’s behavior in real-life situations. Hugging a dog immobilizes them, triggering their flight reflex and stressing them out big time. Posted by Argos, March 12th 2020, last updated September 14th 2020. It will feel threatened for no apparent reason. I got him when he was a puppy, but it is clear that his tail was cut off by the people who were selling it, so maybe hes traumatized. There are situations in many homes where multiple dogs are present when a younger dog attacking older dog for no apparent reason causes shock to the owner. My dog has been sleeping in my bed for the last 11 years. Max fixes himself in position at the front gate and hoists his tail high into the air, he’s keen to let the oncoming stranger know he’s about. my border collie got attacked today by a staffy dog for no reason. He's around 5 years old, and this has been happening constantly for way too long now. And it is a very valid one. You see, I adopted a Labrador Retriever. If you are seeing accidents in an older puppy, you are giving him too much space and you need to reduce his freedom. In fact, unless the dog is sick, all bites are provoked by something . My husband refuses to neuter the Presa. They take time to understand and effort to bond with. He's around 5 years old, and this has been happening constantly for way too long now. John can be heard explaining, “He’s never done anything like this before“, the attack came “totally out of the blue“, Max was always “such a trustworthy dog“, he’s “never shown any signs of aggression in his life“, the attack was “totally unprovoked“. My Dog Keeps Attacking My Other Dog (for No Reason)! Contrary to much popular opinion, certain breeds of dog are not automatically prone to expressing aggressive behavior towards others. Physically? Dog Training HomeBefore you go, check this out! I’m sorry, why should we as people have to worry about DOG PSYCHOLOGY?! Was it unjustified in human, social terms? The first bite I then had to go for plastic surgery as I had 3 rip marks from just below my nose and then on both sides as well to align my lip again and reduce the scarring. He with even let me sit next to my husband without grueling loudly before moving. Right now I signalled him to come over to my bed, and petted him for a few seconds before he decided to lay down. Some are more horrendous than what some dogs ever do. My Dog Randomly Attacks My Other Dog. An unprovoked dog bite is a genuinely terrifying and shocking experience for people to go through. Now tense and feeling genuinely threatened, Max is offered an escape. It can be a nip or a much more serious, injury inflicting bite. In the bite my face and regrip and bite my face again way. How was she to know? It’s not John. With the number of dogs in homes increasing so rapidly around the world, it’s going to become more important to teach the language of dogs, particularly to dog owners. Sometimes you have to accept that your need to give your animal physical attention, though important to you, may not be great for your sensitive dog. Unfortunately, we live in a world filled with mostly irresponsible humans. And she keeps calling me a demon, that I'm retarded and a idiot! as much as i love the dog i cannot love her the same way anymore I am at a total loss as to what to do. They should be vested while working and be focused on you at all times. Is he leery of having his tail and feet touched? The signs of anxiety are right there on their faces. “I wonder who this bloke is?” ponders Max. He asks himself once more, “Why did my dog attack someone for no reason?”. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Iwas hospitalized for 4.5 months in 2019 when my 16 month old Ragdoll X attacked me, for no reason but pure jealousy, because I was on the phone. He only wanted the garden so he could have somewhere safe to play fetch with Max on sunny days like today. Dogs rarely, if ever, attack for no reason. I agree with you a child does not understand an a child should be allowed to laugh an have without being scared about being attacked by a dog I love dogs but when it comes to a child over a dog the child I will choose everytime. This has worked very well so far, though I watch Louis’ body language carefully.

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