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samsung washer spider arm failure

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Once the drum was out, we separated it, removed the tub, and the spider arm assembly. link to book FORUMcurrent topics, A discussion started in Found that my spider and shaft assembly had cracks. Thermoset or thermoplastic? Research suggested that it could be bearings and/or the spider shaft assembly. All rights reserved. My washing machine was making a loud thumping sound and bouncing around a bit. A. 7) I used a plastic crate (sort of like a milk crate) to place the tub shaft side down on so I could take the tub apart. 88 Q. I am in exactly the same boat. Manually unlocking the washer … I had to break down the entire washing machine to replace the flange shaft. It could spin by itself but without any force; so today I fixed my Spider Arm/Shaft on my Samsung machine. The drum is of course where you put your clothes. ... in addition to the widespread use of easily-corrodible cast aluminum for "spider ... Samsung Low … Good luck. Problems could be faulty balance ring, front shocks, rear shocks, bearings, rear drum support,etc., machine would have to be disassembled and checked for warn/damaged parts. Going forward, I will likely use affresh washer cleaner (sold everywhere) once a month, and also install a fan in the vent. But, unless you position the screwdriver exactly right, you run the risk of damaging the plastic housing of the motor. Epoxy? My 6.5 year old Samsung washer has been making loud spin cycle sounds lately. Most of the spider bolts … While I had the back open, I noticed a shock had come apart, and given the difficulty of removing the bolt, I fixed the shock and hoped that was my culprit. The thing is, the spider always corrodes and breaks - mine did in just 3 years. Part were here in two days (with regular shipping and delivered on a Saturday! My dilema...take the assembly to a metal spray shop to spray & grind the area for about $200-300, OR try to remove the stub shaft from the spider … ©1995-2020 finishing.com, Inc., Pine Beach, NJ   -   About finishing.com   -  Privacy Policy We began the re-assembly that day. I could have used something like an egg carton. We're open and continuing to ship packages. If I were you, I would scrub it with pumice powder and detergent, rinse it, dry it, Alodine it, rinse it, and paint it with 2K epoxy. Getting the tub into the washer was a bit awkward due to size, weight, and positioning it. Thanks for your input Ted! I verified other parts I thought I might need were in stock before disassembling the washing machine. Samsung Flexwash washer not turning on (wv55m9600av) 1 Samsung front load washer 1 Samsung front load washer (WF42H5200AW A2) takes very long time (more than 3 hours) to finish a normal … The bolts are stainless steel; I cleaned the threads with a wire brush. If you're using powder, make sure it dissolves well in water. The machine pounds like crazy. First indication something was wrong when the washing drum starting to violently bang against the inside of the washer while in spin cycle. 2) I used my iPad to play the instruction video as I worked, stopping and starting as needed. We used water proof grease (found by faucet repair in your box store, get at least 2 containers) to lube new shaft and rubber gasket when putting tub back together, also took opportunity to do complete maintenance, lube shocks, we cleaned out all the drain hoses, sprayed all connections with contact cleaner, etc... (The machine will be stripped down to just the metal frame.) I ordered the parts (and they showed up very quickly) and tore everything apart. Also part of the spider had eroded away. Once replaced, the washing machine is like new again. Of course a few of the torx screws holding the spider arm to the s/s basket broke off too. The hex bolt measures 1.5 by … ! I followed the instructions from this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFXp2X99mQs and took apart my machine. Helpful Video to disassemble the part: Thanks Anthony. Found a repair video on appliance pro. It only takes about 30-40 minutes to get the washer ready to start pulling the tub out. 10) I think the banging and jumping was caused more by the crud buildup and the erosion around the spider causing an out of balance condition. the sitting water might eventually soak through the paint. or benefit from 30 years of feedback on 60,000 finishing topics. I watched a video on my exact model repairing the spider assembly which was posted through appliancepartspros.com. Assuming by shutting down machine, prevented any more damage. If there are class action suits, I think the manufacturers would be forced to admit that using an aluminum diecasting for hot, alkaline, immersion like this is a well-known design defect. This was my first hurdle. First, I replaced the four shocks on the washer drum. Topic 45313 offers many perspectives on the subject of pretreatment for chromate conversion coating, but people do not use these techniques and extremely aggressive chemicals for one-off treatments in a home environment, but only in an industrial factory after they have received hands-on haz-mat training and have been supplied with appropriate personal protection equipment, and also have appropriate disposal facilities for the chemicals. After confirmation we were good, we put things back together, again following the video step by step. The right answer of course is to make the spider arm from a stainless steel stamping. Also replaced all 4 shock absorbers just as a precaution. 11) I sprayed penetrating lubrication several times on the spider bolts and left it overnight. These troubleshooting solutions may help keep your Samsung washer … 6 Pack DC60-40137A Washer Spider Hex Bolt by AMI PARTS- Compatible with Samsung and Kenmore Washer-Replaces AP4203183 206860 PS4205366 EAP4205366 4.8 out of 5 stars 28 $6.88 $ 6 . Post# 445427 , Reply# 1 6/29/2010 at 05:18 (3,800 days old) by limey () Checkrate/Likes I had a question while installing the rear tub seal but again called a technician and she was able to help me. The hardest part was moving the machine (its heavy) to make space to work. A. Hi again Elliott. What do you guys suggest? 8) The drum came out easily and I placed it on a rubber mat (sort of like a welcome mat) open side down to prevent damage to the tub. Replacing tub seal may not be absolutely necessary but it's cheap and easy. Again the videos to do this were easy to follow and spot on. 4) I used a magnetic parts tray to place the screws in to keep them separate and in order. be aware of those razor sharp metal frames. Power #1 in Customer Satisfaction with Front-Load and Top-Load Washers. The spider pot-metal looks similar to that of outboard boat motors. (So the model was very close, but not exact) When I tried to remove the bolt, it would not budge. Our machine was 7 years old and was really dirty inside from the mold and apparent usage of too much detergent. It wasn't the exact model, but more than 90% of the instructions and parts were the same. The video steps were great! Great job, and nice graphics. This past Tuesday, after a spin cycle, i smelt smoke in the house. Plan was to disassemble the washer, determine what was needed, order the additional parts needed, and reassemble after the additional parts arrived. Then apply self-etching primer designed for aluminum, then epoxy coat it. new LazyLoad(); "popup": { Internet told us the possibilities and so we proceeded to break down the machine. It can stay wet forever & the boat will break before the 3M 5200 ever does. But the tub was moldy too. I went online to see how to replace the belt in my washer using my model number as a search. our spider arm/falange has completely rotted from the inside. I used a 12 point box wrench and the bolts started to round off so I used a 6 point socket. I am not sure though what kind of powder coating to go with - if powder coating would indeed be a better option. What did you end up doing? With the bolts out and the broken ones, the spider was easy to remove from the tub. When I got the washer apart, the spider fitting was corroded and CAKED in detergent and lint (especially underneath of the fitting). All information presented is for general reference and does not represent a professional opinion nor the policy of an author's employer. Samsung washers and warranty are lousy. The thing is, the spider … The part bolts to a stainless steel drum, which it spins. We called it a day, I watched the video again, and the next day we decided to see if we could see anything else, so we began again. The part bolts to a stainless steel drum, which it spins. Using the video below it's not that difficult at all -- it just takes time. !, appliance partpros were amazing). So, even if it recommends a full scoop for HE washers, use half of that. The wash cycle is quiet up to this point. The gasket and seal arrived about a week later (used the slow shipping). Then two people to put tub back in and then its a one person job after that. There have been no issues with bearings whatsoever. Luckily happen to be walking by when machine started to make "grinding" noise as washer tub started to hit plastic tub. Ordered a new spider, the recommended spider bolts, and front shocks and used 2 day shipping. I'm very upset and will avoid Samsung in the future. Those that do quote $500. Wait time was always minimal and always outstanding. Since the spider was eroded and cracked, I opted to replace the spider, as it would have failed in the near future. It's driven by something called a stater and a spider arm assembly. Second, once you replaced the assembly and have the whole thing put back together, run the machine on a rinse and spin cycle. That's in the rings near center. A. Hi again Elliott. And if fluidized bed method instead of spraying, then what kind of powder...nylon? The internet is largely anonymous & unvetted; some names may be fictitious and some recommendations might be harmful. I will likely use a USB computer fan. This time I tried to remove the bolt going reverse, and actually got it to move a little, then after working it back and forth for a while, I was able to get it out. • Fountain, CO • April 15, 2017 Appliance: Samsung Washer WF218ANW/XAA-0000 My Repair & Advice Featured Story First indication something was wrong when the washing drum starting to violently bang against the inside of the washer … The new ones had the same 1/4-inch play but seem to have slightly more resistance so I used the new ones. When the cycle switches from rinse to spin, just watch the water level in the drum to see if the water is being pumped out. 13) The shaft seal was worn so replacing it was needed. When your Samsung washing machine isn't getting the job done, it's time to use Repair Clinic's troubleshooting guide to get it up and running. The conditions the spider will be in is basically aquatic - lots of soap and water, occasional bleach, and heat (100 °C/212°F). More pics from google: https://www.google.com/search?q=spider+arm+corrosion&safe=strict&client=opera&hs=ocg&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwif2dmc8KXWAhXBcRQKHanTDLMQ_AUICigB&biw=1517&bih=745. The washer … It was nasty! I called a technician on this website looking for some suggestions. Went to the other side and did the same thing. 12) I ordered the front shocks because there was a 1/4-inch play in them (no resistance). }); Free Shipping by Amazon ... AMI PARTS DC97-15491A Washing Machine Flange Shaft Assembly and DC60-40137A Washer Spider Hex Bolt(6 pcs)-Compatible With Samsung Washer … For us to suggest that a consumer, in presumably a residential situation, working on a single spider arm, de-smut the aluminum alloy with nitric & hydrofluoric acid would be an abominable idea :-). I'm open to suggestions. With the video from Appliance Parts Pros, disassembly of the washer was no problem. What I would personally do is scrub with a solution of pumice and detergent, rinse and dry it. AFAIK, it's made of die cast aluminum. The washer will try to drain a few times. Once I had the wire inserted clockwise up to the 2 o'clock position, I used the plastic side of the sprinkler adjustment tool to hook the wire and just rotate the wire in place while holding the wire at the 6 o’clock with my other hand. The arm was broken in two places. It showed everything from disassembly back to reassembly. Gently lower the tub. Lawsuit Over Front-Load Washers May Drive Consumers Back to Energy-Wasting Models By. The spider arm assembly contains 6 of these hex bolts. * Awarded by owners We’re proud to be ranked by J.D. HomeFAQsSuggestedBooks All arrived 2 days later. (Some good pics as you go and Dixie cups labeled for each all the screws also helps)... Hardest part is getting tub out, it requires two people as one needs to support tube while other undoes support springs. 2017 but continuing through 2019. After watching the instruction videos to replace the spider or bearings, I seen you need to replace both the shaft seal and tub gasket to get to the spider and bearings. Originally we thought we only had to worry about mold on the gray rubber seal / gasket. Then getting the tub out and then back in (its the heavy part of the machine). If the water level does not go down, drain the water pump and check for a clog. Saved a lot of money. A. Hi Michael. Checked all the other parts and found the bearings were okay and the front shocks appeared iffy. It took and hour to get it out and split the tub and get everything cleaned up enough to put the new flange in. This setup is (afaik) always on a front load washer. Q. You'll need a ratchet set, screw drivers, and some deep sockets for your ratchet. But if you have any brand of washing machine there will most likely come a time when a repair is necessary. I ended up starting the wire as shown and using a Hunter sprinkler adjustment tool I had. [affil. I have a new spider arm that I would like to do something to before putting this all together again. I can't say how happy I was to be able to get this washer repaired. Is there a simple process I can easily do from home? The door seal began to fray as this would happen even without clothing inside. After some research, I found that this model does not have a belt. 1-16 of 68 results for "samsung spider arm" Skip to main search results Amazon Prime. A. Hi Elliott. polyester etc.? Eligible for Free Shipping. Alodine is chromate conversion coating, and the best pretreatment for aluminum. The few things I would advise on is first that the 19mm nut in the back of the washer drum will be extremely difficult to take off. Not Samsung. 14) Reinstalling the door boot seal outer ring was difficult for me using the locking pliers as shown in the video as it kept slipping off. No problem installing the new spider with the new bolts. on AbeBooks] is over 1300 pages, so it's tough to start from scratch and condense the subject down to "step-by-step" and of appropriate length for a public forum response :-). • Chantilly, VA • February 23, 2016, E M. • Debary, FL • February 24, 2018, William J. My machine lasted only 2.5 years! I opened the door to my samsung front loader and smoke came pouring out. Other than the weight, disassembling and reassembling the machine was easy. I watched your online video. It helped a lot for reassembly. The hex bolt or spider arm assembly may need to be replaced if you notice that your inner tub is going out of balance. Certainly it's not "ideal" to skip desmutting, but compromise is part of life. ©1999 - 2020 AppliancePartsPros.com®. The machine was a different model, but the concept was the same. Hello, I have a 3 yr 2 month old Samsung WF330 front load washer that began banging at the end of the spin cycle. While I had it apart, we decided to replace the tub seal and the rear drum seal. The coat of course has to be durable, adheres well to die cast aluminum (with the right prep work), resistant to alkaline water, soap, heat (100 °C/212 °F), bleach and bio-films. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to reuse it or perhaps the design changed, but after inspection decided to re-use it and it appears to have worked fine (I also didn't see a part number for that washer specifically). A drill with Philips bit and socket driver adapter makes breaking machine down exponentially faster. One thing to note is there was a washer on the flange i pulled out that wasn't present on the flange i ordered (it goes on the axle after the o-ring). "background": "#fff", For detergent, apparently, you should only use half of what is recommended. It took Samsung many months to issue a recall of top-loading washing machines that can basically shake themselves apart and send pieces … I don't think powder coating is better or worse than epoxy paint -- proper pretreatment plus full coverage matters more. Then I proceeded with the repair so the down time would be minimal. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Disclaimer: It's not possible to fully diagnose a finishing problem or the hazards of an operation via these pages. If you've done any type of work on cars (changing brakes, oil change), you should be able to do this without any problems. AFAIK, it's made of die cast aluminum. The re-assembly took around 2 hours but If I were to have tackled this job without appliancepartspros.com helping me along the way, I'm sure I would not have been able to get my problem corrected. opinion! Search the site A. Hi. There may be some residue or build up in the drum that may be washed away during the first cycle or two. If no parts were needed, I could just reassemble the washer without waiting for the seal and gasket. & Install'nChemicals & Consumables Front-load washers cost more than top-load washers, and adding certain features, such as Wi-Fi capability or vibration-reduction … She was great and gave me some troubleshooting tips on how to check to see if the spider arm was broken without having to remove it, but unfortunately couldn't help me get the bolt out. This consumer's Samsung washer caught fire. So ordering new spider bolts was a great idea. I might try some outboard-motor paint over a zinc-chromate primer. window.cookieconsent.initialise({ To ensure the proper fit, she asked me to send her photos, which I did. ... Felt confident from start to finish. • Carlisle, MA • October 05, 2015, Justin F. • Savage, MN • October 20, 2014, Ricky F. • Macclesfield, NC • January 03, 2015, Leonard H. • Raleigh, NC • April 16, 2014, Bryan E. • Cuyahoga Falls, OH • August 18, 2015, We are Safe, Secure, Dependable and Trusted, Samsung front load washer spider assembly arm broke after 5 years, Loud banging on fast spin cycle and smoke the first time we heard the banging, Spider arm assembly broke in wf218anw samsung front load washer, My Samsung front load washer (model wf218anw/xaa) went out of balance real bad we heard a bang smelled a burning rubber smell and thought it was a belt till we discovered it does not have a belt, Samsung front load washer shaking violently smell of burning rubber, Very loud bang during spin cycle e3 error tub wouldn't spin, I own a samsung front load washer the flange shaft cracked in half resulting in replacement. A step-by-step instruction would be so greatly appreciated! Most repairmen don't work on Samsung washers. Notably, the spider failure is a result of a weakness from corrosion that looks to be fairly specific to that part. Burning rubber smell was caused by spinning drum touches door boot seal. })}); 60,000 Q&A topics -- Education, Aloha, & Fun, ©1995-2020 finishing.com, Inc., Pine Beach, NJ, How Google uses data when you visit this site. The bolts on the Spider Arm Assembly came out with difficulty, most likely due to corrosion of the aluminum casting, Use a 6 point 10mm socket to do this, not a 12 point or you'll round overheads of the bolts and get nowhere. } before Alodining cause problems with the paint (epoxy) later? Lots of theories as to why that happens...galvanic corrosion, water PH levels, too little detergent, too much detergent, using cold water, keeping the washer door closed...and so on. Phosphate? Replaced broken drum spider and shaft assembly (part # AP4449265). The video used wood blocks. Cost $80 for a service tech to come out and tell me it cannot be repaired because the drum, shaft, motor are all integrated. PCV? to ruin the end result, which is powder coating? 5) When I tried to take the front panel off, I found out there are two additional screws in the bottom tabs the front panel sits on that had to be removed prior to removal. After talking again to a technician, she told me that as a result of either too much detergent, the wrong detergent, or too much fabric softener. when we called samsung they told us they have never heard of this problem and they had no idea how … Hardest part was actually getting bolt thru shocks lined back up, due to angle inside machine. "background": "#237afc" 9) The back of the drum was covered with a lot of crud so I cleaned it using water, screwdriver, and a wire brush. Several things that I found and did that may help others. How Google uses data when you visit this site. We spent a good amount of time cleaning the machine, tub, and all hoses which I definitely recommend. After getting the bolt out, we were able to remove the drum by following the video step by step. Oxide? "text": "#237afc" Aside from noise, when we opened door, tub appeared "crooked" tilted back a lot further then normal. It's inevitable. I'm not sure why I chose this video, but so happy I did...dumb luck I guess! Other than that, just make sure to follow the sequence of events to disassemble and reassemble the washer. Beautifully designed and technologically advanced, Samsung is the #1 best-selling laundry brand. Then, when I opened the washer door, a misty smoke came from the inside. Robert C. • Woburn, MA • August 18, 2015, Salim A. You could also coat & fill it with 3M 5200 high strength marine adhesive. Samsung washers start at $600 and can cost up to $1,900. I broke 4 of the 6 bolts trying to get them off. She did offer that the schematic she was looking at couldn't show if maybe it was reversed threaded, and that gave me something to think about. I used their videos, their phone help, and their online chat. I hear it's superior to 2k epoxy paint. I also take pictures each time I take something down as a reference for later. we own a samsung washer. The picture is of the spider removed from my 7.5 year old Frigidaire built washer because of bearing failure. It was a lot quicker and easier than using locking pliers. Once I took the back of the machine off, one of the first steps was to remove the locking bolt. Also, wipe down the rubber gasket after every load, never leave clothes in the washer (try to take it out right away), leave the door open a bit, and finally, use a small self powered dehumidifier EVA-DRY at home depot: http://www.homedepot.com/p/Eva-Dry-333-4-6-oz-Mini-Dehumidifier-E-333/202847328. Q. I am looking into coating a washing machine part called a spider arm. The tub seal appeared okay but replaced it as I did not want leak issues. I was able to get it all cleaned with my garden hose and a scrub brush. The drum is of course where you put your clothes. That isn't practical for home repair, but some home craftsmen have done second best and made them from stainless steel weldments. Post your own question ... Sometimes it only dissolves well in hot water. "palette": { 6) Getting the tub springs off was a challenge at first. What about pre-treatment? 3) My model was different than the one in the video but it was easy to work around any differences. My washing machine sits on a pedestal so they were easy to get to otherwise I would need to tilt the machine to get to them. Fluidized bed method by heating the part, or electrostatic fluidized bed method? Again, the series of instructions made getting to the part fairly easy. Overall, the repair was not difficult. Height, since the washer was on a pedestal and the little loop at the top of the tub allowed only two fingers. Since I've posted this question a few days ago, I've been looking into powder coating. After running a light load I still had a serious wobble in the drum, plus the drum was rubbing against the rubber door boot pretty bad. Per google and this site, the symptoms of the machine were identical to what was described for a corroded / broken spider. Short of that, the aluminum can be epoxy coated, preferably after thorough cleaning and Alodining, which ought to somewhat extend its life, although I don't think "at least 10 years" is likely no matter how you paint aluminum. It would be theoretically possible to electroless nickel plate it, but you would find the cost prohibitive. By the way, anyone anywhere wanting to make an instructional video should watch that video from AppliancePros first ... What an incredibly clear and perfect illustration and explanation video! Easier with two persons but I was able to do it by myself. By the way, we use liquid high-efficiency detergent and it still caked to the fitting (this was the source of the unbalance). I spent about $160. Bleach is extremely alkaline and dissolves aluminum; minimize its use if you can :-(. I have contacted Samsung … Q. "button": { Samsung says it voluntarily recalled 34 models of washing machines due to reports highlighting that the drums in the washers may lose balance, triggering excessive vibrations and …

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