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best paf pickups

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ThroBak Electronics is the world leader in vintage reproduction PAF pickups. (Note: After the Top 5 list, we talk about some of the secrets of PAF clone pickups. Wax potting and four-conductor wire are also available. Do Fender’s American Professional II instruments set a new standard? Heard a potted pickup sounds like a blanket is over your speaker compared to an unpotted pickup. These days, not all PAF-style pickups are unpotted and for loud play, a newly developed pseudo-potting procedure is used in replacement of the original method to help shield pickups during loud live play. I haven’t tried them myself, but friend and colleague Dave Hunter put it this way: “Let’s just say… they deliver to the player wanting to go all out for real deal ’59 tone, and leave it at that.”. They’d probably be described as vintage hot pickups due to the fact. DiMarzio’s PAF Master Neck (DP260) and Bridge (DP261) pickups are quiet, bright and very dynamic hum-canceling pickups. Loud and thick, the Classic 57 Plus is a true vintage PAF style pickup but with a tad more dark-edged harmonics laced with its complex tone. Widely regarded as one of the best PAF replicas on the market today, it offers both vintage articulation and sheer power in spades. Lindy Fralin Pure PAF Widely regarded as one of the best PAF replicas on the market today, it offers both vintage articulation and sheer power in spades. The original 1956 PAF pickups were engineered meticulously and so many parts were trialed, including ranges of Alnico magnets, different metal covers and different coils of wire. The Pure PAF model pickup has a relatively loud output and it doesn’t break up at higher volumes. If you’re interested in changing pickups then research is key as there are so many people out there changing theirs regularly. The Gibson brand is undisputed when it comes to pickups and have been known to be a revolutionary brand to that end. Some members of the Seymour Duncan forum started experimenting with putting the best of two pickups in one by combining two coils from different pickups. The Seymour Duncan Antiquity is mellow and balanced with a softness that sounds wondrous at quiet volumes. Using custom-degaussed Alnico 2 and 5 magnets in the neck and bridge positions respectively, the Low Wind Imperials produce a characteristically bright tone that allows greater string separation and overall clarity. Bluedano1 Member. Here, we're going look at all different kinds of pickup. Vintage-spec parts include butyrate bobbins, rough-cast magnets, two-stranded braid hookup wire and degaussed alnico magnets. Virtually every pickup maker in the business has a PAF replica in the product range. A roundup of humbuckers that we recommend for Epiphone and Gibson SG pickup upgrades. In terms of tone, it has a lovely velvety balanced and rich tone which has a characterful high-end sparkle. Vote now! They’re hand-made in true expert fashion and people really rave about them. We have A/B tested Monty’s pickups with the real thing and can report we haven’t found any replica that gets closer to the original tone. Built and Materials; Conclusion: What’s the … DiMarzio is one of the best manufacturers of PAF pickups currently available on the market, which is why the first three-pickup models come from their shelves. They pre-age the components on this brilliantly made humbucker, providing a one-of-a-kind, hand-finished and authentic tone. We have picked the leading 8 coolest pickups under $200 for you. This PAF replica uses an Alnico II magnet like some of the most famed originals and as a hand wound and hand finished pickup, you’re guaranteed a high level of craftsmanship for the Antiquity. Let’s Get Started. This is faithful to the original PAFs, some of which were given an extra couple of turns on the winding machine by accident, resulting in a different tone which is still valued today. Very loud. With specialist magnets and 42-gauge enamel wire, it packs similar components to the originals and the tone is instantly hard-hitting as vintage with an extreme dynamic quality, warmth and cleanliness. The Seymour Duncan Antiquity PAF is designed to be used for the neck and bridge positions on the guitar, and it has the ability to take you back in time to the 50s when the PAF pickups were first introduced. It's called the model 1959 it;s based on some of the better of examples of vintage PAF's. For other guitars, PAFs can transform or enhance tones either subtly or greatly. The January 2021 issue of Guitar Magazine is out now! Decided to get some new pickups for my Les Paul and i couldn't be happier. The Lindy Fralin Pure lives up to its name as one of the PAF’s purist replicas. Lindy Fralin Pure PAF Humbucker Set (Editor’s Choice), DiMarzio DP223 PAF 36th Anniversary Bridge Pickup, The 4 Best Jazz Bass Pickups (Reviews - 2020), The 4 Best Passive Pickups for Metal (Reviews - 2020), The 5 Best Double Bass Pedals of 2020 (Reviews), The 5 Best 6.5 Component Speakers for Your Car (Reviews – 2020), Faithful PAF style pickup which is built by a real specialist, Dark and smooth, obviously perfect for Les Pauls, Quality PAF style pickup that holds the aces in its dark tone, Alive and vintage with a controlled essence brought by its nickel-plated cover and pre-aged components, Slightly weakened magnetic field improves natural responses, Vintage engineering really works at the price. Silver Supporting Member. DiMarzio DP223 PAF 36th Anniversary Bridge Pickup. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. *Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates. From upstart beginnings in the early 60s, Eric Clapton soon established himself as one of the decades’ most lauded players. Manufacturers now take the best of the old and mix them with some modern durability and flexibility. Stainless steel and nickel-plated covers shielded these new designs from unwanted noise-producing sources – microphonics, etc. In part two of our look at the chord shapes and sequences which define Paul Simon’s sound, we focus on his early years as a solo artist. Spencer Mumford uses vintage-correct components and applies his outstanding relic-ing skills to create a PAF replica that looks indistinguishable from a real 55-year-old gig warrior. In performance, it’s very close to the original 50’s PAFs, with a mid-range honk which is rounded and pleasant, brilliant articulation in the highs, but mostly rich and creamy. With each pickup listed, there will be a video (Or two) of it being played. These Tru PAFs are the unpotted PAF humbucker replicas we have been waiting for from one of the UK’s most talented and knowledgeable winders. Harmonically complex and awesomely open but also precise in the highs and warm in the lows, the PAF suits many styles of playing but is undoubtedly best suited towards quieter playing with lots of dynamics or a more classic rock tone, so basically, probably not extreme metal or anything like that! Jesus freak. The Janelle Monáe, Prince and Earth, Wind & Fire collaborator owes his guitar love to a monochromatic Space Ace…. Gibson 57 Classic Plus Humbucker; 2.3 3. The perfect PAF is hard to define but overall, they’re rich and warm with a great 3D tone that provides clarity like a single coil. New PAF-style pickups offer that same fundamentally dark and rich tone with tons of options for extra output gain, extra brightness or extra harmonic content. It can be quite hot and gutsy, with plenty of mid-honk and darker low-end tones that give this pickup some juice that other PAF-style pickups can’t offer. A common setup is to couple this with a 57 Classic, by running the Classic on the neck and the Classic Plus on the bridge. Featuring: an Epiphone classic, a Charvel rock machine, a Rivolta baritone and more. The November 2020 issue of Guitar Magazine is out now! Constructed by hand, the magnets are weakened by hand allowing the upper range to sound less forceful and evens out the tonality. They are not cheap. Humbuckers - Best PAF Style Humbucker. Seymour Duncan has the original formula, his notes, drawings, and even the winder he used for the original PAF pickups. Best PAF Pickups - Virgil Arlo 59's Virgil Arlo makes one type of Humbucker. . Matt Gleeson has had his hands on countless genuine PAFs as a guitar restorer and repairer and he took his opportunities to analyse and measure those he considered the best examples. PAFs sounded warmer and fatter than their single-coil predecessors, but still retained much of the sweetness and clear treble response of the P-90. We’ve got passive single coils and humbuckers, an overwound Soapbar-style P-90, active humbuckers, active single coils - and all the best pickups money can buy from trusted names, including Seymour Duncan, Fishman, DiMarzio and more. The best pickups you can get” ... 57/61 Deluxe P.A.F. It’s a real high-end pickup and the price reflects this but overall, you can’t easily beat this pickup. DiMarzio DP223 PAF 36th Salon Bridge Pickup; 2.5 5. Alnico 2 magnet; Antiquity's are the same as Seth Lovers, but the magnets and covers are aged. The pre-aging process extends to the magnet poles and the cover, not only improving tone but also the pickup’s aesthetic qualities. Perfect for both jazz and rock aficionados. Some PAF-style pickups remain unpotted, though, and this may cause adverse effects during loud live play. The Burstbucker series pickups offer those classic PAF tones without being too far over the edge when it comes to that vintage warm sound. They bring a true vintage woodiness that makes the instrument as rich as it can be from build to electronics to output. These pickups are full sounding while also being articulate and maintaining a wide frequency … The 57/61 PAF set is what happens & pro's just can't get enough of this set. Top 4 Best PAF Pickups: Lindy Fralin Pure PAF Humbucker Set (Editor’s Choice) Gibson 57 Classic Plus Humbucker; Seymour Duncan Antiquity Humbucker; DiMarzio DP223 PAF 36th Anniversary Bridge Pickup; How to Find the Best PAF Pickups. Continuing our journey through the guitar styles of the legendary Three Kings, this time it’s the turn of Flying V-toting blue icon Albert. Inside this issue: the best gear of 2020, Fender's new American Professional II Series reviewed, and a free 2021 vintage guitar calendar! Price: £200 (pair, covered) £180 (pair, uncovered). Seymour Duncan Antiquity Pickup; 2.4 4. Then it gets more interesting, because Bob Tyson winds his coils using a vintage mechanical auto traverse coil winder, just as Gibson did. Even so, the likelihood is that relatively few pickup makers have even been in the same room as a vintage Patent Applied For pickup, let alone played one. Known for making PAF style humbuckers, they’ve got the best slogan in the business, “They don’t make them like they used to… we do.” Dimarzio may own the “PAF” trademark but nobody has positioned themselves better and shown greater marketing expertise than the guys at Throbak. The units are made entirely from vintage-correct parts and for a small upcharge, relic’d sets with ‘Patent Applied For’ stickers are available to order. The PAF pickups revolutionized the world of music, and effectively separated the use of electric guitars, while making the sound clearer and more versatile at the same time. Welcome sha33. Many people cite that the Pure PAF’s tone is absolutely exquisite. The ‘67 Fender Stratocaster helped birth an entire subculture of guitar modding. Looking to get some replica PAF pickups. . Describes as a ‘P-90 on steroids’ by the company, they’re made with Alnico IV magnets and plain enamel wire, and the output is massive with a very impressive tone. Like the Monty’s, the Tru PAFs share all of the characteristics of a great set of originals but the HOTs have more bite in the upper-mid ‘loudness’ frequencies. She performed a heartfelt rendition of Alice in Chains' Black Gives Way To Blue. The first is the DiMarzio DP151 model, featuring a durable structure and high-quality components. Based thoroughly on the original 50’s Gibson PAF, this humbucker is clean and precise with a vintage tone that retains brightness and clarity. The TTL-1s have authentic PAF tone and response in spades, they’re extremely touch sensitive, pleasingly microphonic without being squealy and you can turn down your volume controls without losing treble or clarity. It is impossible to create the best PAF pick up list without including one from Seymour Duncan as it is common knowledge that they are one of the best audio specialists in the industry. Here’s a small selection of PAF replicas that are respected by those in the know. PAF simply stands for Patent Applied For humbucker, as the original 50’s PAFs were the beginning of a new area in pickups. is the world’s leading authority and resource for all things guitar. ThroBak PAF clone pickups are copied from original PAF pickups and Gibson patent number pickups from the 50's and 60's. You’re in the right place! It reportedly works tremendously well when subjected to pinch harmonics and can allow a guitarist to produce some piercing tones even with its relatively low magnetism. Live — THE WORLD'S LEADING VIRTUAL GUITAR SHOW —, Ry Cooder’s original Coodercaster is now on sale for $150,000. Those legendary early Gibson LPs featured PAF humbuckers that are regarded by tonehounds to be the cream of pickups, but the Seymour Duncan spin on the design offers more output to boost your overdrive. Also, the PAF tone is definitely dark and your guitar will play a big role in how they sound. The 4 Best PAF Pickups in 2019 WCR Guitar Blog August 7, 2019 comments off Seth Lover designed it in the 1950s for Gibson, “patent applied for” or PAF pickups revolutionized the world of guitar audio as they commercialized the humbucker style of pickup. © 2020 is a member of the media division of BandLab Technologies. Truly vintage in essence and nature, Seymour Duncan puts another awesome PAF-style pickup into the market in the form of this Antiquity humbucker. will inspire you for years to come. If you’re looking for an affordable PAF pickup that’s suitable for all budgets yet doesn’t compromise when it comes to duplicating that original PAF humbucker sound, DiMarzio is your best bet.This toned pickup is suitable for all kinds of guitar, including 24-3/4” scale guitars, as well as any guitar with a trem-equipped bolt-on bridge. I have researched a lot of pickups and I am considering the following: All are Seymour Duncans, 59's, Seth Lovers, Antiquity Humbuckers. Built using remarkably similar parts and through remarkably similar processes, this humbucker is Lindy Fralin’s most authentic sounding PAF-style pickup. Instead, pickup manufacturers including the market leaders like Seymour Duncan, Gibson and DiMarzio as well as smaller boutique brands and handmade craftspeople manufacture PAF-style or PAF replica pickups. In this article, we go over 5 absolutely incredible Cheap PAF alternatives. 59's are suppose to sound like, well, 1959 PAF's. The original PAF was developed over several years of trial, error, dissection, and creation by Seth Lover, a Gibson guitar engineer. Seymour Duncan Antiquity Humbucker Sets; 2.7 7. Note separation is enhanced and pick attack is accentuated nicely. From 2020 with love: the best guitars, amps, pedals and accessories of the year. Lollar Pickups Low Wind Imperial Jason Lollar’s Low Wind Imperial set is a finely tuned masterpiece inspired by the sound of lower output PAFs. Wax potted poles reduce noise from unwanted vibration but the original PAFs remained unpotted to help them retain a characterful bite with extra harmonics. It features a weaker magnetic field to give it a more natural articulation, fatness, and attack in balance and humbucker cleanliness. With special Gibson Alnico II magnets combined with special vintage wires, nickel-plated components and an array of other components which really hark to those pioneering days. It’s now common knowledge amongst guitar players that Seymour Duncan’s Antiquity range produces some of the best pickups on the market. The PAF Master Neck has a great balance of full richness with a throaty tone, with smooth and creamy highs, while the PAF Master Bridge Model is … You can always unsubscribe (so you won't receive any more e-mails) by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each e-mail. Add to cart Sold out Unavailable You Deserve The Best Tone. What amazing heritage there is to this pickup! Balanced but sharp when pushed with tremendous note separation and tone diction. clone, using real Butyrate Bobbins and all USA-Made parts. Years of research into every detail of the vintage originals has shown us how make the best PAF … Constructed by hand, the magnets are weakened by hand allowing the upper range to sound less forceful and evens out the tonality. Eric Clapton, the Allman Brothers and B.B King have all been known to use these pickups. The December 2020 issue of Guitar Magazine is out now! I have very limited knowledge of after market pickups, but without doubt the best Gibson USA ones are the 59 Tributes. The October 2020 issue of Guitar Magazine is out now! Based in Seattle, Dave Stephens is a bona-fide Patent Applied For authority and it’s reflected in the way his PAF replicas are built. Padding, packing and protection – how to ensure your prized guitars stay safe in a big move. We provide insight and opinion about gear, artists, technique and the guitar industry for all genres and skill levels. If you're after accurately vintage-spec'ed PAFs, check out our picks of the best examples on the market today. Here’s a Part 1 guide to the man jokingly dubbed Slowhand. With such vast models on the market, it is hard to determine the best choice. A lovely faithful PAF reproduction, this DiMarzio offering weighs in as cheaper than its competition and still undoubtedly packs a serious vintage punch for every pound or dollar it costs. Go on Youtube and search for the Doug and Pat Show" Pickup test 1 2 and 3 and also the PAF blindfold test they do They do excellent reviews of PAF style pickups Probably the best on the net, as they directly compare the new pickups with an original 1958 and 1960 Les Paul Standard The standout pickups … The originals were created with an array of different magnets; the result is an array of different tones, so basically, the PAF tone is up for interpretation. Lindy Fralin Pure PAF Humbucker Sets; 2.2 2. Should I get potted or not? By checking the boxes you agree to receive the following from us via e-mail. is a 50’s P.A.F. I've compared them with my friends early 60's (62 I think) PAF equipped ES335 and there pretty close in my opinion. Voiced to capture the early-PAF sound with a brighter and slightly lower output than Mojo’s standard PAF set. The latest guitar news, reviews and features delivered to your inbox. Both materials are good for their noise and electrical shielding properties, which helps them to eliminate the hum that plagued single-coil models. The most dangerous time of year for your wallets is here. These are utilised in a variety of styles to suit the Classic, Standard ’50s and Standard ’60s models. The midrange growl seals the deal. Quantity. The Virginia-based pickup winder has become one of the best kept secrets of the guitar industry in recent years, offering a plethora of well made pickups for a variety of guitars. Many old records will have made great use of these legendary pickups and such is their revered status in the guitar industry that so many PAF-styled pickups exist on the market. Tyson Tone’s unpotted PAF replicas feature butyrate bobbins, maple spacers, 42AWG plain enamel wire and rough-cast alnico magnets charged to vintage-correct levels. For this roundup review of pickups, we’ve selected some key PAF-type models from Gibson and Seymour Duncan. Messages 7,045. Deep and rich in character, it weighs in as dark and gruff. Like a bluesy sustaining OD tone. type pickups on the market these days that sound like new Humbuckers. Notably more balanced than a true PAF, it’s also worth mentioning these pickups aren’t wax potted if that’s also your bag. Available relic’d. For those who want to try PAF-style pickups and their unique offerings, the DiMarzio DP223 PAF 36th Anniversary weighs in as cheap and authentic, a real bargain style at that price.

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