Bob Morgan



Dr. Morgan grew up in rural Illinois. His first memorable encounter with horses resulted in a broken arm when he fell from the back of a mare in the 8th grade. Despite this rocky start, his love of animals, and horses in particular, persisted. From his first puppy, to his college rat (smuggled from the lab), to his temperamental cat, his fondness of animals pervaded his life.


Dr. Morgan obtained a degree in Business from the University of Illinois, after which he served in the US Navy on a cruiser out of Long Beach during the Vietnam War. Following his return from active duty, he launched a career in labor negotiation for the State of California.

After 8 long years navigating the state bureaucracy, Dr. Morgan’s lifelong fascination with animals resurfaced, and, much like the mare in his childhood, he bucked convention and determined to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. This decision came with significant challenges- when he told his parents of his intention to become a vet, they were less than enthusiastic, and pointed out that he had already served in the military. The Board of Admissions at UC Davis attempted to dissuade him, suggesting that he stick with his original, comfortable career. He was undeterred. After four years of prerequisites and four even longer years of vet school at UC Davis, he found himself as an intern at Loomis Basin Veterinary Center, caring for horses cattle, sheep, goats, cats, dogs, and the occasional camelid.

Dr. Morgan couldn’t be happier with his career change and where it has led him. He is full of admiration and appreciation of his colleagues, his patients, and his clients. He is especially grateful to find himself working today with the creatures he admires most: horses.

Dr. Morgan’s main interests are in equine reproduction, preventive medicine, and dentistry.

When he is not driving about the countryside tending to his patients, Dr. Morgan can be found on his Arabian horse ranch, with his wife Cindy (his primary source of wisdom and courage) and his daughters Erica and Alison. He enjoys cycling, landscaping, and the occasional double IPA.







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