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by LBEMC Admin


ARTICLE: California Wildfire Horse Survival Story

The wildfires in California have been record breaking this year. We have all heard about the number of acres burned, structures damaged, and persons injured; Unfortunately, what isn’t able to be quantified are the number of wild and domestic animals affected by these fires.

This little pony presented to LBEMC for evaluation and treatment of burns from the Northern Complex fire.

The burns affected much of her face as well as her chest

She was here in the hospital with us for days on continuous IV infusions of pain medications as well as care for her burns

At her worst, she was too painful to eat and drink, but she has slowly improved day after day and is finishing her recovery now back with her owners.

She has the most wonderful family who have been dedicated to her recovery and we just wanted to share this happy story during a time when most of what we see and hear related to these fires is often sad news.