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No hoof, no horse...

More than just a catchy phrase, the foot/hoof is the foundation that carries the healthy horse forward.

In fact, it’s so important that we have dedicated specific resources to your horse’s podiatry health needs. Our doctors, staff farriers, and consulting farrier are all highly experienced and specially trained to deliver their knowledge and treatment plans for cases ranging from everyday shoeing to specialty/corrective shoeing, surgical needs, and long-term treatment to reverse or stop further degenerative diseases and syndromes.

We’re here to walk the road to foot/hoof wellness with you.

Our Farriers.

Jill Farrell


My professional journey reflects a deep-rooted passion for animals, particularly horses. While my childhood dream of becoming a veterinarian shifted after high school, I pursued a career as a Certified Medical Assistant, accumulating seven years of experience in healthcare.

I was living in Vacaville at the time, working horses and mucking stalls in my free time. The allure of the equestrian world persisted, leading me to farrier school. Upon relocating to Lincoln, CA, I started working for Loomis Basin Equine as a Vet tech and this propelled me into the field of farriery. I completed my training at Pacific Coast Horseshoeing School and underwent a year-long apprenticeship, setting the stage for my independent career.

Dedicated to continuous learning, I approach each day as an opportunity to expand my expertise. My commitment lies in providing top-notch farriery services, prioritizing the well-being of the horse, and meeting the unique needs of my clients.

Jesus "Jesse" Valenzuela


I was born and raised in Mexico on a large farm, where my love for horses began. I knew I always wanted to be around horses. As a young adult, I came to the United States and began my Farrier career in Tucson, Arizona. Eventually, I ended up in Grass Valley, California and met Frank Smith, who became my biggest role model and mentor.

During this time I lived with Frank on a 900-acre ranch with over 60 horses, that I would practice my shoeing on. I then went on to meet Blake Brown at Loomis Basin Equine. I shadowed him for 6 years and he really helped me master my craft. With his help, I specialized in equine hoof care, including trimming and balancing horses hooves, and placing the shoes.

I have since branched off and worked on my own. With more than 30 years of experience, I pride myself in my outstanding work ethic and passion for horses. I will always provide a service that is professional, dependable, and caring.