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ARTICLE: Emergency Trailering

Another aspect of equine emergency preparedness is access to a trailer to transport a seriously ill patient. As you may know, we maintain a fleet of six ambulatory units with which we treat a variety of emergencies in the field. However, there are a number of serious problems which are treated more appropriately in a hospital setting. Examples would be severe colic, major lacerations, and very ill horses requiring extensive diagnostics and intensive care. The clinic can provide a controlled environment, excellent lighting, support staff, diagnostics including laboratory, and intensive care housing.

If you do not own a horse trailer and suitable towing vehicle, it is advisable to do advance planning for transportation of a severe emergency. This might include arrangements with friends or neighbors or knowledge of available rental trailers or professional haulers. We have listed rental agencies (trailers only) and professional haulers from the general area.


Local Hauling

Joe Marchese | 24/7 availability

(916) 300-9744

Angela Vincent | Weekend nights only

(530) 333-4239

Nancy Smith | 24/7 Emergency Hauling

(916) 224-7931

Far West Rentals | Stock trailer only

(916) 645-2929

Rick Sackett

(916) 804-5116

(916) 991-2238

Long Hauling

Bret Stadel | 24/7 availability

(530) 320-0026

Mike Lucas

(661) 805-3074

Dave Souza

(530) 333-0456

(530) 906-5401

Robello Horse & Livestock Transport

(209) 727-5771

Jim Yant

(530) 644-5189

Brook Moxley

(909) 215-3219

(817) 825-8303